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Tesla vehicles are well-known for more than just their zero-emission and self-driving capabilities. Consider these eight incredible Tesla benefits in 2022. 


So, as a consequence of increasing gas prices and manufacturers starting to move to electric vehicles, there has been a lot of interest in electric automobiles, particularly Tesla. Most people want to convert to save money on gasoline, which is a fantastic cause, but there are many more advantages. 

Today, I’m going to outline ALL of these advantages, as well as any disadvantages (if I can find any) Furthermore, while all cars are getting new features and technology all the time, I will only address Tesla-specific subjects in the video. 


We’ll start by talking about the car’s layout and functioning. Teslas are meant to be simple and easy to use, allowing you to focus on driving and being safe on the road. Tesla does this by removing obtrusive mechanical buttons and other unnecessary interior components in favor of a 15-inch touch screen that can be set to display your most frequently used buttons for easy access. 

The only mechanical controls that remain are the two multifunctional scroll wheels on the steering wheel, which are used to operate the windows and doors as well as other amenities. The steering wheel has gear options, turn signals, and windshield wipers, much like a standard vehicle. 

A slight disadvantage would be learning how to use the numerous buttons on the touch screen, but once you know, you won’t give it a second thought. 

Another feature of usability is the ability to forget about your keys. There is no physical car key in a Tesla; instead, your smartphone serves as a wireless key. You may open and close your doors just by approaching or exiting your vehicle.

 There is no need to enter a key or push a start button; just sit in and it will detect who is driving and adjust your mirrors, settings, seat, and steering wheel appropriately. It’s really convenient to be able to go up to your car, get in, and drive away. 

The Tesla app allows you to virtually lock and unlock your car from anywhere on the planet, change the position of the windows, open the trunk and frunk, flash your lights, and blast the horn. 

After this, we’ll go through a couple more important things you can do with the app. In case you’re wondering what would happen if your phone died, all Teslas come with two card keys that may be used in its stead. 


Since 2014, virtually all autos have had some kind of entertainment system, including satellite radio and GPS. With the introduction of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you may go even further by installing customized programs to enhance your driving experience. 

Although having this in your car is a good idea, Tesla takes it to the next level. A 15-inch touchscreen has been added. This offers enough screen space to display a range of information, such as navigation, speed, surrounding objects and traffic, and your current entertainment. everything at the same time! 

This is significant since it frees up your hands, allowing you to drive securely without having to use them to browse through your phone’s many programs. Your field of vision has been leveled, and everything is visible. If you like road journeys, you can watch material on YouTube, Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, and even Twitch and TikTok! 

Video games, whether you have children or are a child at heart, are also covered, including classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Cuphead. Teslas also have a fully working internet browser in the event that you need to connect to the internet. 

These EVs have considerably greater technology than other EVs, in addition to having these features and advantages over traditional autos. The infotainment system responds swiftly and seamlessly, with no lag or freezes. 

The nicest part about everything is paying for a premium connection. You won’t get that with Apple Car Play or Android Auto since your Tesla will constantly be connected to the internet, which means you won’t even need your phone nearby to do anything I’ve said. 


Okay, so having the most cutting-edge entertainment options, incredible performance, and low maintenance is wonderful, but the most important feature to look for when shopping for your new vehicle is how safe it will keep you in a variety of situations. 

The most undervalued element of Tesla is its outstanding safety features. Let’s go over some of the features that lead to Teslas being the most secure business car in the world. Yes, both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated Tesla vehicles five stars in every category. 

How? Because Teslas do not have engines in the front, the steel and aluminum will absorb the majority of the shock before it reaches the driver and passenger, which is one of the key reasons. 

Because of its low center of gravity and bottom-mounted battery, Teslas have the lowest rollover risk of any SUV ever developed. 

The Roof is the strongest roof ever created for a commercially manufactured vehicle, capable of supporting six times its own weight, or more than 20,000 pounds, or the weight of five Model 3s. 

Finally, Tesla’s feature a total of eight cameras that act as an additional pair of eyes and can identify vehicles, objects, and even people. These cameras detect dangers on the road while you drive and may instruct the vehicle to react to these risks by braking or moving out of the way to avoid accidents. 

These are only a few of the features; for more detail, see our website to find out more


Car features and technology both age. Teslas not only last a long time, but they also get new features on a regular basis owing to over-the-air updates. Blindspot cameras, remote video of the 7 cameras from your phone, and a boombox function that enables you remotely talk from your smartphone to your outside speaker from anywhere in the globe were included in a recent version.

 You may upgrade the software to gain additional capabilities like streaming services, video games, and things that were not even available when you purchased the vehicle. 

The beautiful thing is that almost every mechanical component of your vehicle is connected to your infotainment system, allowing you to enhance both mechanical and entertainment capabilities. 

For example, when the Tesla was originally launched, it had a certain quantity of horsepower. Later, an improvement increased the vehicle’s battery and tire mechanics, making it even faster. 

It can also update security features and rectify any issues you may be experiencing. When it comes to autopilot, updates also make the car smarter and safer in increasingly challenging settings. 

As a consequence, you won’t have to wait four years for the following model of a standard car to obtain new features and performance. The Tesla is still in the works. 

Before we go on to our next four Tesla Benefits, I just wanted to mention that if any of you have already placed an order for a Tesla and are awaiting delivery. You may improve and protect your Tesla right now by acquiring some critical must-have Tesla accessories like a screen protector, waterproof floor mats, console organizers, cleaning tools, and many other requirements. 


Given the present situation of gasoline prices, it stands to reason that EVs are becoming a more viable alternative when buying a new car. Teslas are fully electric, so there’s no need to pay exorbitant fees to travel to work or visit dodgy gas stations. When you buy a Tesla, you just plug it in at home to begin charging. Depending on how frequently you drive, you may be able to charge your car using a regular outlet rather than a wall charger. 

I’ve been charging my Tesla at home with the included wall charger since I bought it more than a year ago. Your electricity bill will rise as a consequence, but in my experience, the increase has been just around $15 to $20 each month while I’ve had the car. Overall, I save around $1,350 each year over my previous Mercedes C300. That comes to around $112 every month. 

Depending on the Tesla model, a full charge may increase your range by up to 396 miles. Furthermore, Tesla’s supercharger network lets you go 200 miles in under 15 minutes if you need to refill while out and about. Supercharger output has surpassed 30,000 units, with additional ones being added on a regular basis. 

I’ve taken many long road trips and never once worried about my battery dying or going low. There is most likely one near where you live. 


Tesla’s feature quick acceleration, which means that when you push the accelerator, all of the vehicle’s power is quickly sent to the wheels and motors, allowing them to accelerate far faster than standard vehicles. If you pick the Model S PLAID, you’ll get the fastest production car ever, with a 0-60 time of 1.99 seconds. 

Putting your Tesla in “track mode” allows you to drive it on the track without any modifications. Teslas are fast and agile, handling like lightweight sports cars. 

As a result, when you buy a Tesla, you are getting a practical 4-door sedan that can easily transport your family, has enough storage space, and STILL destroys practically every sports car on the road. 


There is no requirement for oil changes, fuel filter replacements, spark plug replacements, or pollution checks since there is no engine present. This is just another wonderful advantage of having a Tesla. Regenerative braking sends energy to the battery, significantly reducing brake wear and making brake pad replacements unnecessary. 

As a result, Teslas need no annual maintenance. Only your air and cabin filters will need to be updated, which should be done every 2-3 years. Tesla recommends replacing the A/C desiccant bag every 6 years. 

As a result, in addition to saving money on gasoline, you also save money on the costly oil changes, emission tests, brake pads, and other maintenance work required to keep a traditional gas-powered car running. 


Although Teslas have many wonderful features, their security measures are among the most important. Teslas have eight cameras, as mentioned in the safety segment. These cameras are used for both security and safety. 

Teslas, for example, have a function called Sentry Mode, which allows the car to record its surroundings while you are away. Sentry mode may be used while parking far from home to secure your vehicle from trespassers. 

When someone approaches your vehicle, your headlights flash as a warning, and your infotainment screen displays a message informing visitors that the automobile is recording their every move. 

Not only will the cameras begin recording activities, but you will also get a notice through the smartphone app. You can then use the app to view a live feed of your cameras as well as utilize it to speak into your Tesla’s outdoor speaker to notify anybody that you are monitoring them. comparable to how your home’s ring doorbell works. 

If you don’t have access to your phone, the system will notify you when you return to your car about any activity it saw while you were away and provide you with the option to view the video instantly. 

The bulk of the car’s utilities, including Bluetooth and WiFi, may be deactivated, personal information can be concealed, the glove box, trunk, and front doors can all be secured, and a speed limit can be established. The smartphone app can control all of these operations. 


So, guys, that’s pretty much it. If you’re in the market for a new automobile, there’s no reason not to consider a Tesla. They have a lot of features, need minimal maintenance, wind up saving you money in the long run, and are a lot of fun to drive. Are you intending to buy one? Please let me know in the comments if you believe there is anything more I should have added. 

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