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Are Tesla Charging Stations Free?

There are many discussions and many issues being asked as the slow transition to electric cars begins in Australia. An acquaintance of the family suggested that Tesla’s electric automobiles would be charged for nothing. This is partially correct.

It’s a straightforward concept, but the reality is more nuanced. Yes, there was a period when and a place where charging for Tesla EVs was free. Some EV stations do allow charging for free from other types of electric vehicles. You just need to know which ones they are.

Does Tesla provide free charging stations?

There was a time when plugging in your Tesla for a charge was never a problem. To encourage early adopters to buy its cars, Tesla offered them free use of its network of Superchargers for the rest of their lives. 

In 2018, it even launched a temporary strategy that allowed Tesla owners to give free Supercharging to a friend in the hopes that it would encourage others to purchase Teslas.

Until 2017, the benefit was associated with the Tesla owner’s account rather than the car itself. When the Model 3 was released, buyers received an exclusive offer: unlimited free Supercharging for life. However, as the company expanded and made more money, the benefit was eliminated in May of 2020.

A Brief Overview of Tesla’s Free Charging

When Tesla was the only game in town for electric vehicles, the availability of free use of the company’s Supercharger network was a major selling point.

Prior to April 2017, Tesla owners could use any of the company’s supercharging stations across the country to power their vehicles at no cost. Except for a brief period in 2018 to encourage sales, this feature was no longer standard on Tesla vehicles after April 2017. 

However, the option is once again available for Model S and Model X purchases as of mid-August. However, in the year 2020, the Covid pandemic caused its removal once again.

Each referral earned Tesla owners 1500 free kilometres of Supercharging.

In addition to providing free Supercharging for life, Tesla also provided complimentary 1,500km of Supercharging for each referral transaction. The EV manufacturer is the best-selling automaker in many nations, suggesting that this strategy has been successful.

The electric vehicle manufacturer, however, said in September 2021 that “Until further notice, we are not offering Referral awards.”

When and why Tesla started charging for its Superchargers

The 2020 Covid-19 epidemic was the primary motivating factor in Tesla ending the free supercharging programme. Sales and production at Tesla slowed along with the global economy. This resulted in Tesla permanently eliminating free unlimited supercharging and reducing the base price of several of its models.

Despite the programme no longer being offered for new or used cars, Tesla nonetheless spent over $23 million on free supercharging for owners who had the choice before the change was made. Even while free supercharging has contributed to Tesla’s skyrocketing sales, the business has lost money on the benefit.

Learn If Your Tesla Is Eligible For Free Supercharging

Some older Tesla models still advertise free access to supercharging, so here’s how it works:

If you’re the original owner of a Tesla and purchased it before April 2017, you should still be able to take advantage of the free supercharging option. In addition, you can sell your pre-2017 supercharging perks with complete confidence that they will continue to function in the hands of their new owner. Whether or not the supercharging privilege is still transferrable is unclear, given how frequently Tesla updates its supercharging policies.

The Performance Model 3 was available with limitless supercharging from 2018 to 2019. However, this was not a feature that could be transferred to a new owner, therefore it is only seen in cars purchased at the time.

Free Tesla charging is available at some hotels and other sites.

In addition, guests of hotels and motels can charge their Teslas at no cost. A Tesla destination charger is required for this.

As a rule, if you are already buying something from the company, you can get this service for free. If you are not a client, however, you may be able to use the charger if you pledge to cover the cost of the electricity used. If you are not a paying customer, it is impolite to not verify and offer to pay.

How do you locate these convenient charging areas? The relevant vehicle super app is a useful tool for locating these businesses and learning about their performance. 

Free Tesla and electric vehicle charging is available at select locations.

Free and easily accessible public charging infrastructure also exists. These are typically organised by local governments or motorist groups. 

Electric vehicles may be fully charged by large DC fast chargers in under an hour. Sometimes in as little as 15 minutes!. All EVs can be charged there because they have both CCS2 and CHAdeMo plugs.

CCS2 plugs are typically the sole option for smaller AC “slow” chargers that only take a few hours. They may require an adaptor for usage with the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. However, they are compatible with every other type of electric vehicle.

In the future, some people who currently operate these free networks may begin charging fees. So, it’s a good idea to double-check the relevant app once again. We can reduce range anxiety by letting other EVs know.

For the first several years of ownership, other electric vehicles come with complimentary quick charging. There are a few other electric vehicle manufacturers that have partnerships with charging infrastructure. For the first six years of ownership, new automobile buyers get free charging.
We are here to help you know better about the Tesla information.

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