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Are You Allowed To Customize A Tesla And How?

The answer is yes and there are useful tips to help you out. Let’s go over your options for customisation and how much you can expect to pay for each one.

Can You Customise a Tesla in Any Way?

The previous decade has seen a meteoric rise in Tesla’s popularity, which has resulted in a wide variety of customisation options for every Tesla model.

First, we’ll go over the most popular external mods, followed by the most popular interior mods, and finally, we’ll discuss performance upgrades.

Both cheap and high-end Tesla add-ons will be investigated. All right, let’s get this trip rolling.

Exterior Look

How much customisation scope exists for your Tesla’s skin? The combination of vinyl wrapping and window tint looks great. Chrome deletion is a great option for those who like a more understated appearance, and it goes well with the sleek design of Teslas.

If you really want to go for it, you can improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics and visual appeal with a tuning kit. 

Vinyl Covering

Tesla owners are big fans of the vinyl wrap customisation trend. They can quickly and easily alter the colour of their car. Wrapping a vehicle in vinyl protects it from sun damage and scratches.

Depending on the Tesla model, a partial wrap can cost as much as $1,000. Paint protection film (PPF) can add another $8,000 to the price of a full wrap. While not the cheapest option, it is a practical means of putting your stamp on your vehicle.

Tinted Windows

Window tinting improves the Tesla’s aesthetics and adds to the driver’s sense of security and privacy. For example, the Model 3’s windows are factory-tinted for privacy. Even yet, there remains much development potential.

Glass tinting films are available in a variety of reflective darkness levels, allowing for a subtle reduction in heat while still offering protection from UV radiation. Although there are numerous resources for DIY window tinting, I recommend hiring a professional.

There’s far less of a chance of bubbles or peeling. It would cost roughly $300 for a partial tint and around $1,000 to tint all the glass using high-end materials. Although do-it-yourself tinting is less expensive.

Modifying Tesla’s Interior

In our opinion, Tesla’s interiors have the most room for development. While technological advancements like adaptive cruise control and autonomous driving are exciting, they lack a certain flair.

This is why there are so many aftermarket accessories available to make your car uniquely yours. Everything from carbon fibre trim to centre console wrap, steering wheels to floor mats. These are some of the most frequently ordered Tesla accessories.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are standard equipment in Teslas. These stock floor mats aren’t fantastic, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Getting new floor mats that aren’t manufactured by the manufacturer is a nice touch.

The Model 3 rubber mats we offer are all-weather. They are more aesthetically pleasing, last longer, and most importantly, keep the dirt off Teslas.

Center Console

The latest models of Tesla cars have improved the centre console, but it is still not very sophisticated. Depending on the Tesla model you own, you may spruce up the centre console with simple upgrades like ambient lighting or a vinyl wrap.

Instead of a wrap, you may go for solid wood or carbon fibre centre console wrap. 


Your Tesla’s aesthetic won’t be drastically altered by the addition of aftermarket parts. Automotive modification still includes making your ride more pleasant and protecting the interior components from wear and tear.

Even while a windscreen shade won’t completely protect your car’s interior from the sun, it will dramatically reduce the temperature insid ethe care. A screen protector is available to protect the center screen from scratches and scrapes.


Tesla vehicles offer various customisation options, both through official Tesla channels and aftermarket solutions, allowing owners to personalise their vehicles to their liking. From exterior modifications like paint colours and wheels to interior upgrades and accessories, there are ample opportunities to make a Tesla uniquely yours.

However, it is important to consider the implications of customisation, including warranty coverage, legal compliance, and safety. While official Tesla options generally maintain warranty coverage, aftermarket modifications may affect specific aspects of the warranty. Additionally, adhering to local regulations and working with reputable installers is crucial to ensure the safety and integrity of the vehicle.

By understanding the available customization options, considering the associated considerations, and making informed choices, Tesla owners can create a personalised and unique driving experience that reflects their individual style and preferences while still adhering to Tesla’s guidelines and maintaining the quality and safety of their vehicles.

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