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How Do Tesla Accessories Make a “Tesla Lifestyle”?

When Apple customers first obtain an iPhone, they typically protect it with a film and a mobile phone case, and then they add a variety of accessories, both official and third-party, to make the most of their phones. Tesla is starting to resemble the iPhone in many ways. 

It’s important to remember that the fact that Tesla owners wish to buy more accessories than iPhone owners is not evidence that Tesla is outselling its competitors globally.

Every Tesla owner who has or will customise their vehicle in some way has embraced the “Tesla lifestyle” and made it their own. Let’s take a look at how strong and useful the supposedly uncomplicated Tesla accessories really are. You’ll finally understand why Tesla fans are gobbling up Tesla accessories like crazy.

With Tesla Floor Mats-dirty shoes are a thing of the past.

Usually included in the purchase price of a vehicle, floor mats are an essential addition. If not, then definitely make the investment. Most modern vehicles also have their own set of floor mats, but they’re typically constructed of flocked material that traps dirt and grime and is a pain to clean. 

Invest in some floor mats that won’t trap dirt and can be easily swept away. The All-weather Tesla floor mats set offered by Tesla Market is designed to do three things very well: absorb water, vacuum and disinfect, and protect your vehicle’s carpeting and upholstery from mud, filth, and moisture. The possibility exists because vacuuming the rugs is a lot easier and cheaper than washing the sofa. 

These All-weather floor mats are purchased by many Tesla owners due to the following reasons: One, TPE lasts a long time and can be cleaned and washed easily; Second, the dirtiness is so pervasive that even a brief sprinkle of water is ineffective. Just punch it; 3. There is no odour to be worried about; 4. The fit is perfect.

Front and Rear Trunk mats-clean up quicker and enjoy greater convenience 

Storage for items can be found in the front trunk, the top trunk, and the lower trunk of a Tesla Model 3/Y. The original car mat is flocked, so dirt and stains attach to its surface and are quite challenging to remove. 

Choose custom trunk mats that are foldable, waterproof, and easy to clean if you, like me, wash your car less frequently yet have kids at home and need to shop frequently. 

Centre Console Storage Box

Give misplaced goods a place to call “home” with the help of the Central Console Storage Box.

Tesla’s original central control unit has a lot of shallow, unusable depth, despite its generous front and back room. The ability to store and arrange bulky objects will be hampered if the armrest box and centre console can be moved into too many different positions. This latticed compartment tray is quite helpful, and it doesn’t even take up much room. Sticks of dental floss, gum, lip balm, samples of perfume, etc., can all fit. 

This material is a step up from standard cotton velvet in terms of specificity. There is a unique location for glasses that are anti-slip, and the bottom is a firm bottom frame; the top is silicone, which does not easily get dusty, and can be taken off for cleaning. 

The design is mostly minimalist, with fewer divisions and more elegant features. 

Tesla Sunroof Sunshade

The glass roof of a Tesla is awesome, but it will give you a sunburn if you leave it exposed all summer. Tesla Market’s roof sunshade serves a dual purpose of keeping customers cool and shielding them from the sun. When not in use, you can fold it up and store it in either of the trunks. The lack of insulation is the major drawback of the panoramic sunroof for Tesla model 3 and model Y cars.

The two most common options available today are sunshades and thermal insulating films. If you’re like me and you’re stuck in a hot climate, you have to pick one. I propose a solution that incorporates sunshades with silver-coated cloth to effectively address both issues. The fact that it is low-cost and simple to set up is crucial. You can take it down and put it away safely for the winter.

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