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How Tesla Makes the World’s Safest Cars

Teslas are now among the most popular automobiles on the road. They’re trendy, stylish, fun to drive, and environmentally friendly, but what about one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new car? Safety. Today, I’m going to discuss reasons why Teslas are among, if not the, safest cars in the world. 

Before we begin, let us go over some important facts. 

Tesla has received a flawless 5-star rating in every category AND subcategory from both the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

The Model 3 and Model Y have the lowest risk of injury of any tested car. But, why did it get these ratings? And why are Teslas seen as so secure? 

One of the key reasons Teslas are among the safest cars on the road is the absence of an engine at the front. Because there is no engine, the steel and aluminum will collapse first, absorbing the bulk of the power of an accident and protecting the driver and passenger from its consequences. 

Teslas are difficult to roll over due to the low center of gravity caused by the battery and electric motors’ arrangement on the vehicle’s floor. According to Tesla, the Model Y has the lowest rollover risk of any SUV ever built, with an official rollover risk of less than 8%, as determined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

When struck from the side at high speeds or driven over the edge of a hill, the Tesla will lean to the side as if it were ready to roll over, but the weight of the battery and electric motors will bring it back to the ground. 

The Tesla Roof can withstand forces of up to 20,000 pounds, or more than six times its own weight. This makes it one of the world’s toughest car roofs, capable of supporting the weight of five Model 3s or about two full-grown elephants. 

The Tesla Roof received a strength-to-weight ratio score of “G” for Good from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which is the best attainable grade and is superior to any other electric vehicle they have ever evaluated. This will keep you safe if the automobile rolls over or if anything falls on top of it. If you feel that this is one of the best safety measures, please let me know in the comments! 

Due to the high-grade steel reinforcing employed in the pillar columns and side sills of a Tesla, which helps resist crumpling and absorb as much energy as possible during accidents, the sides of the vehicle will actually collapse even less than the front of the car on impact.

 Not only that, but airbags, seat form, and restraints all have an impact on occupant safety. The interior is equipped with robust curtain airbags that cover all four side windows to protect the driver’s head from colliding with the side pillars and infotainment screen in the case of an accident. 

Tesla automobiles have a plethora of safety technology features designed to prevent accidents. It features a collection of cameras, radars, and ultrasonic sensors, for example, that can identify barriers and instruct the car to avoid them. 

Tesla’s Autopilot system features automated emergency braking technology that will automatically stop the car to avoid striking objects after receiving a higher grade in front collision avoidance testing. Tesla received a perfect score of 94 percent in the safety assist category, which evaluates car features such as autonomous pedestrian braking and lane assistance. 

Teslas often get over-the-air software upgrades that improve current features and add new ones over Wi-Fi. These enhancements may make you safer by increasing the autopilot system’s awareness of its surroundings, improving its ability to recognize and avoid obstacles, detecting flashing emergency vehicle lights in low-light settings, and even alerting you to low tire pressure.

 Because the computer is linked to almost every mechanical component of your Tesla, these changes have also been discovered to address safety concerns. What are your thoughts on Tesla’s ability to remain relevant? Tell me in the comments. 

Teslas do have one disadvantage: unlike the majority of new cars from this generation, they do not come with a spare tire, and the ones that do are not run-flat. As a result, if you have a minor tire-related problem, contact Tesla’s roadside assistance. They will then dispatch someone to your location to replace your tires or tow your car.

 For added peace of mind, keep a tire repair kit in your Tesla. I recommend investing in a tiny air compressor kit that can be powered by your Tesla’s 12 volt battery. If you’re interested, you may get my recommended kit on my website, accessoriesfortesla.com, which also includes Tesla news and must-have tesla accessories. Everything you need to get back on the road is included in the package. 

If you have time to read on, in addition to these five reasons why Teslas are among the safest cars on the road right now, I also wanted to touch on its security features since I believe they are linked to its safety attributes. 

Sentry Mode 

When your Tesla is parked and locked in certain places, the Sentry Mode feature allows you to keep an eye on any suspicious behavior in the area. Based on the urgency of the hazard, your vehicle will react and record events on your car’s hard drive. 

Before returning to your parked vehicle, use sentry mode to remotely inspect the area around it to ensure its security. If your vehicle has one, you may use it to honk, flash, and chat. The Tesla, like the majority of automobiles, features a car alarm that sounds if any locked doors are opened without a key. 

Vehicle Security Camera 

When using Autopilot, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y’s interior camera may detect driver inattention and provide aural alerts to remind you to keep your eyes on the road in order to keep you and other road users safe. 

What are your thoughts on these safety precautions? Please let me know in the comments section. 

One of my first concerns when researching the Model 3 was its safety. As my daily driver, I was concerned about the vehicle’s longevity as well as my own safety in the event of an accident. It’s incredible to know that I can buy a beautiful automobile with all of these amenities and more while also knowing that I’ll be completely safe while driving it. 

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