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How To Check Whether It’s a Real Tesla Carbon Fiber Accessory

Many Tesla owners either appreciate or dislike the aesthetic of carbon fiber accessories for their Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. It is understandable why many Tesla owners want to keep their vehicle’s OEM look. However, how can connoisseurs who respect carbon fiber design assess whether what they are getting is genuine? 


Carbon fiber attachments are now available from Tesla. 

To begin, here are some examples of the increasingly popular carbon fiber Tesla accessories. 


  • Spoilers 
  • The steering wheels 
  • Tabletop substitutes 
  • Trim replacements for doors 
  • Diffusers, front lips, side skirts, hoods 


Dealers often emphasize the usage of actual carbon fiber in the manufacturing of these items. It’s critical to understand that genuine carbon fiber comes in a variety of “tiers.” The carbon fiber attachment on your Tesla, for example, may not be constructed of the same material. 

Because of their excellent strength and lightweight, Carbon fiber accessories  have proven especially popular with racing teams. Contrary to popular belief, your carbon fiber attachment is not a forgery. It simply means that it was not created in the same way as a Formula One car. 

So, how do you know whether it’s genuine? 

What Does Genuine Carbon Fiber Look Like? 

It may be difficult to tell the difference between genuine and fake carbon fiber just by looking at the product. With a little effort, you can easily train your eye to perceive these differences. 

A true carbon fiber rear spoiler, for example, will be standard on the 2023 Tesla Model 3. Read the crucial qualities given below to verify whether your Tesla attachment was constructed with authentic carbon fiber. 


Real Carbon Fiber Advantages 

3D modeling 

Spend some time examining the weave of carbon fiber. A Tesla accessory made of actual carbon will include a variety of weaves woven in a layer-like pattern. Whether your Tesla item is constructed of Glossy (wet), Matte (dry), or White Carbon Fiber, you will be able to clearly identify the depth and texture of the carbon fiber utilized. 

As you continue to gaze at the weaves, examine them from different perspectives. Its impression should be both thoughtful and dynamic. Even if the pattern is laminated, some imitation carbon fiber accessories, such as a dashboard cover, may provide this effect. 


True carbon fiber has great temperature resistance, friction resistance, high tensile strength, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Because of its structural properties, it will be significantly lighter than the bulk of Tesla OEM components or made of carbon fiber accessories. 

When you get your hands on one, check whether your new carbon fiber item is lighter than your OEM or ABS plastic accessories. 


The stiffness of real carbon fiber is well recognized. Bending your carbon fiber attachment is an easy way to determine its authenticity. Fake carbon fiber accessories often lose structural integrity and bend, crack, or peel. 

ABS plastic is often used in the manufacture of various objects. Even when put under stress, genuine Tesla Carbon Fiber Accessories will not bend or lose their shape. 


Carbon fiber is a dark hue. Any other color (typically marketed as blue, red, silver, and so on) is wrapped around or painted on top of the original carbon fiber surface and is not formed of true carbon fiber.

 Spectre carbon fiber aesthetic has been created, which can be seen in their steering wheel and new dashboard. Despite the fact that it is not constructed of carbon fiber, it has many of the same components. As a result, the structural aspect of the accessory enhances stiffness, rigidity, and lifespan. 

How Much Does Genuine Carbon Fiber Cost? 

Carbon fiber is known for being more costly than other materials such as steel and aluminum. It is important to understand that the extra cost is not just due to the authenticity of the carbon fiber. 

This is owing to the long manufacturing process, the restricted availability of mechanical and chemical components needed to keep the properties of the atomic organic polymers, and the rigorous planning required to manufacture your Tesla attachment right. Real carbon fiber is likewise getting more difficult to obtain due to its scarcity. 


When purchasing Carbon Fiber accessories for your Tesla, be sure the company is trustworthy. Check that you are acquainted with their manufacturing process, certifications, and industry knowledge.

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