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How to make your tesla model 3 battery last longer

Today, lithium-ion batteries can be found in almost any product. They can be found in all of your electronic devices, including your computers and Tesla. If you’ve had a cell phone for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that the battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. Replacement batteries for a cell phone are relatively inexpensive, but those for a Tesla might set you back a pretty penny. 

Understanding how to maintain the battery in your Tesla properly can save a lot of money over the course of ownership. And it is a truth that these batteries gradually lose their ability to store a full charge over time.

Thankfully, the lifespan of your Tesla battery can be maintained in a few different ways. If you want to know how to make your Tesla last longer, read on.

1. Establish a regular schedule for charging

Maintaining a routine of regularly charging your Tesla can help extend the life of its lithium-ion battery pack. Regular charging won’t extend the battery life, but it will keep it functional. A low-voltage wall charger should be used on a regular basis at home to keep batteries fully charged and ready for travel. 

Low-voltage home chargers are easier on batteries than high-currency Superchargers. Maintaining a regular charging schedule also helps reduce battery deterioration. 

Experts advise against fully charging EV batteries, much like your smartphone. As an alternative, you may keep it charged at 90% for your everyday commute. And on the way back, keep it around 20%; anything below could hasten battery depletion. If you want to maximise your Tesla’s range before a lengthy trip, you should charge it to 100% just before you leave.

2. When possible, use braking systems that generate energy

Regenerative braking is a common feature on all electric vehicles that helps transform the kinetic energy of your vehicle into chemical energy stored in the battery. Simply said, your Tesla’s motors can function as a generator, recapturing the energy that would otherwise be wasted during braking and storing it as chemical energy in the vehicle’s batteries. 

Range can be increased as the car travels forwards thanks to the power stored from regenerative braking. If you own a Tesla, you can maximise the energy recovered while braking by selecting the “Standard” setting in the vehicle’s settings menu.

3. Lessen the effect of air resistance

In most cases, aerodynamic performance increases the fuel economy of a vehicle. Because of this, cars and hatchbacks are more economical than large trucks. 

Even with EVs like Tesla, the principle is the same. When not in use, it is best to take the roof racks and bike racks off of your Tesla. The range of your EV will increase dramatically with that amount of work.

You can improve your Tesla’s aerodynamic performance by keeping the windows shut. Your Tesla’s battery life will be greatly lengthened by doing this.

4. Avoid entirely draining your battery

In order to get the most out of your Tesla battery life, you should avoid using up the battery completely. Never let your electric vehicle’s battery go below 20% if you can help it, as doing so can reduce battery life and performance. Don’t drain the battery to nothing if you don’t have to.

5.Add more frequent charges

Never let the batteries in your Tesla die by not charging it regularly. Keep your electric car charged at all times so that it is always ready for use and the battery stays healthy.

Tesla Charging Tips

  • Tesla recommends daily low-voltage charging whenever possible, and between 20% and 90% when charging the battery. 
  • Superchargers that operate at such high voltages shouldn’t be used at all times.
  • Keep your Tesla above 20 degrees if possible, as the cold will deplete the battery. 
  • Every three months, you should give your battery a complete charge.

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