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Accelerator Brake Pedal for Tesla Model 3 (Highland)

Accelerator Brake Pedal for Tesla Model 3 (Highland)

Tailored for Model 3 Highland, the central control screen smart storage organizer is meticulously designed to precisely match the dimensions and specifications of the Tesla Model 3 Highland. This ensures seamless integration into the vehicle’s interior.

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Introducing our premium Accelerator and Brake Pedal Set crafted exclusively for the Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024. Engineered from high-quality aluminum alloy and enriched with silicone strips, this two-piece pedal pad cover set is specifically designed to align with the elegance and performance of your Tesla Model 3+ 2024.

Key Features:

Material Excellence: Each pedal pad is meticulously crafted from robust aluminum alloy, ensuring both durability and a sleek finish. The incorporation of silicone strips not only introduces a touch of sophistication but also enhances grip and safety during driving.

Custom Fit for Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024: These pedal pads are precisely tailored to match the unique specifications of the Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024, guaranteeing a seamless integration with your vehicle’s interior.

Enhanced Driving Experience: The considerate design strikes an optimal balance between comfort and control, elevating your overall driving experience. The non-slip surface ensures secure footing on the pedals, even in wet conditions.

Easy Installation: Engineered for straightforward installation, these pedal pads require no special tools. This allows for a quick and simple upgrade to your vehicle’s aesthetics and functionality without any hassle.

Aesthetic Appeal: The sleek aluminum finish not only ensures durability but also adds a modern and sophisticated touch to your Tesla’s interior, making it uniquely stand out.


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