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Survey Report: Exploring the Preferences and Considerations of Tesla Owners

Back in August, Tesla Market conducted a survey among our customers and Tesla owners from all parts of Australia.

This survey of 500 Tesla owners delves into the factors that drive their preference for electric vehicles, particularly Tesla.

Below are the questions in the survey and the summary of the survey results.

Question 1: Why do Tesla owners choose electric cars instead of petrol or diesel cars?

Here’s what we found from the survey results: Tesla owners prefer electric cars due to strong environmental commitment, with 420 out of 500 people (82%) valuing zero emissions. Lower fuel costs (73%) and reduced maintenance cost (50%) are additional perks.

Only a smaller portion of Tesla owners took Government incentives and tax benefits as an important deciding factor. (25%)

Almost 40% of the 500 survey respondents think advanced technology, like Autopilot, and remote-control capability made them consider electric cars, which is a bit surprising given high technologies are electric cars’ biggest selling points.

Question 2: Why choose Tesla as your Electric car?

So why did these 500 Tesla owners decided to go with Tesla instead of BYD, Polestar, Kia EV, or other electric car brands?

Our survey results showed two key factors, the first one being an exceptional driving range (87%) and the Supercharger network for convenient charging (40%).

Design and performance also play a vital role, offering amazing acceleration and a futuristic design and interior made 50% of the respondents choose Tesla over other electric cars.

Question 3: What are the top benefits of driving Tesla according to Tesla Owners?

Note that Tesla owners provided us with the insights below in the survey after they have driven their Tesla for at least a few weeks to a few years. The survey respondents highlighted a few things that they enjoyed the most while driving Tesla.

  1. Exceptional Range and reduced fuel cost: More than 80% of the survey respondents appreciate the remarkable driving range and energy efficiency.  And reducing the fuel cost is another big benefit the Tesla owners realised after driving Tesla for a long period of time. Almost 1/3 of the respondents indicated that they have saved more than $2,000 a year on fuel cost after switching to Tesla.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Tesla leads in electric car technology, acknowledged by 95% of respondents. Features like Autopilot, Full Self-Driving, and over-the-air updates really made lives easier for these Tesla owners. The survey respondents said that they only realised these benefits after driving Tesla for a few months.
  3. Performance and Acceleration: The exhilarating acceleration and sporty performance is loved by more than half of surveyed Tesla owners. Instantaneous torque from electric motors ensures a thrilling driving experience, combining eco-friendliness with excitement. These Tesla owners just loved the great combination.

Question 4: What are the drawbacks of choosing Tesla electric cars according to Tesla Owners?

While Tesla cars offer numerous advantages, Tesla owners have identified certain drawbacks associated with their choice. These concerns are:

  1. Charging Infrastructure Limitations: Despite Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network, 45% of respondents in regions with limited charging infrastructure outside the network face inconveniences, especially for Tesla owners who drive more than 30-50km per day.
  2. Limited Vehicle Models: Tesla’s lineup has focused on premium sedans and sporty SUVs, making some of the respondents wonder why there are not Tesla models that are smaller or more affordable.
  3. Range Anxiety: Despite impressive driving range capabilities, 22% of the Tesla owners still grapple with range anxiety, fearing battery depletion before reaching a charging station. Overcoming this anxiety often requires careful planning and access to a comprehensive charging infrastructure, but they also said that they only worry about driving range / battery when they go onto road trips between the big cities like going from Sydney to Brisbane or from Melbourne going to Adelaide etc.

Question 5: What are the Best Tesla Accessories?

As Tesla Market specialise in Tesla accessories, we can’t resist asking people about the accessories. Tesla owners have a diverse array of accessories at their disposal to enhance their ownership experience.

While personal preferences may vary, several accessories have emerged as popular and highly rated choices, according to the survey:

  1. Floor Mats and Cargo Liners: 79% of respondents have invested in all-weather floor mats and trunk mats to safeguard the interior of Tesla vehicles from dirt, debris, and spills.
  1. Roof Sunshades: Teslas do not come equipped with sunshade. Therefore, almost all of the Tesla owners (92%) opted for roof Sunshades, which is understandable that the harsh sun in Australia will make the Tesla interior quite hot via the glass roof panel if roof sunshade is not used.
  1. Center Console Organizers: Tesla’s minimalist interior design can benefit from centre console organizers, as noted by 52% of surveyed respondents. These organizers also known as centre console storage box provide effective storage solutions for personal items, cups, and other essentials, ensuring that the interior remains tidy and well-organised.

These accessories contribute to both the functionality and aesthetics of the Tesla ownership experience, meeting individual needs and preferences, and enhancing the overall pleasure derived from driving a Tesla.

In summary, the survey conducted amongst 500 Tesla owners shows us that Tesla owners chose electric cars for the environmental benefits, fuel cost reduction, and performance and design. Also, a lot of them chose Tesla instead of other brands because of Tesla’s high tech, high performance, and impressive driving range. We would love to conduct more of these surveys in the next a few months to show you what electric car owners are thinking and what they wanted to share

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