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The Top 10 Tesla Accessories for 2023

There are a few Tesla aftermarket extras available that may help you get the most out of your Tesla experience, whether you’re a Tesla owner or you’re still comparing prices. We’ve collected a list of Tesla accessories that are both required and trendy, and that current (and future) owners should consider. 

The first step will be to find the Top 10 Tesla Accessories that are compatible with all models (spoiler: this list is pretty practical). The sections that follow will highlight a few more model-specific Tesla accessories that we believe are useful. 

The Top 10 Best Tesla Accessories for ALL Tesla Models S 3 X Y 

1#: Interior covering kit for a Model S or X


Anyone who has had a phone screen shatter will confirm that replacing a screen protector is significantly less costly than replacing the whole screen. 

What difference does it make if anything destroys your Tesla’s massive, highly integrated touchscreen? If the console screen breaks, you’ll lose navigation, climate control, and all the other amenities that make driving a Tesla pleasant. 

Although a Tesla may be driven without a touchscreen, many capabilities are inaccessible. You’ll probably agree that a $50 screen protector isn’t worth the $1,500 repair bill for replacing the touchscreen at the Tesla service center. 

The best screen protectors are made of 9H tempered glass, and we like a matte finish to reduce glare and fingerprints. Most Tesla dealerships offer screen coverings for the Model X/Y and S/X. (RPM TESLA offers a good 9H protection for the pre-2021 Model S and Model X, and the TESBROS New Owners Essential Bundle for the Model 3 and Model Y includes one). 

Just make sure the screen protector you buy is for your Tesla model, and keep in mind that the S/X “refresh” screen size has changed as of 2021. 

A touchscreen cover, a simple and inexpensive addition, may keep your Tesla running and prevent glare and fingerprints, which may be bothersome at times. Perhaps monotonous, but it is without a doubt the best Tesla attachment for both new and old Teslas. 

#2: Extra Sentry Mode Storage 

Sentry Mode videos use a lot of storage space. While a USB drive may be a good, quick storage solution for some, an SSD(Solid State Drive) can withstand longer continuous use and high temperatures. 

The disk may even be attached to a USB socket inside the upgraded 2021 Model 3/Y’s glovebox to keep it (and your precious vandal footage) from wandering off. 

We’ve seen two credible SSD choices for a Tesla: the Samsung T5 and the Samsung Extreme. Both have more than enough storage capacity for normal use and seem to be resistant to harsh temperatures. 

#3: Durable floor mats 

One of our prime objectives as used by Tesla experts is preserving resale value. Teslas retain their worth fairly well over time, but when the floors are, well, awful, any car loses credibility in the eyes of potential buyers. Tesla’s provided floor mats are inadequate for owners living in snowy or muddy areas. 

Rubber floor mats are a great investment since they not only make cleaning your Tesla’s flooring easier, but they also keep your Tesla pristine (always a plus, even if you don’t plan on selling). 

There are a variety of floor mat options, but 3D rubber floor mats for Teslas offer exceptional spill avoidance and long-term durability (and as anybody with kids or pets knows, scuffs and spills are a matter of when, not if). 

Tesla sells its own All Weather Liners, which are a terrific low-cost option and significantly superior than standard mats; nevertheless, we prefer our Rubber Blanket Surface TPE floor mats (the higher sides are a big plus, and they pretty much stay put). 

#4: Tesla’s front license plate holder. 

Despite the fact that a Tesla’s sleek appearance is an important part of its appeal, some jurisdictions require all registered automobiles to have a license plate conspicuously visible on the front of them. Even if Elon says they “cause my eyes to bleed,” he is still compelled by law to wear a front plate while driving in Texas, which is a two-plate state. 

If your state mandates front license plates for Teslas, you’ll need a non-marking front license plate holder unless you wish to drill your own holes in your Tesla, which we highly warn against (voided paint, rust, and body warranty scenarios would apply). 

Tesla cars now have an extra front plate holder installed using 3M adhesive. It works, but it’s tough to remove without making a mess, and reinserting it necessitates the use of more adhesive. 

Fun fact: the front plate is already installed on the current Model S Plaid, rather than being stored in the trunk. What is the root cause? Since the front plate was installed during the Model S’s crash testing, Tesla is no longer legally allowed to sell the car without it. 

Fortunately, the more recent sticky plate holder is easier to remove and conceals any bolt holes. There should be no warranty issues with the area around the bolts since Tesla really fitted these plates. 

#5: Door edge guards 

Door edge guards, which keep the inevitable door dings and paint damage on your Tesla (and the car of the person who parked much too close) to a minimum, are another way to safeguard your resale value. 

Door edge guards are often easy to install and keep your exterior edges sparkling, but you’ll need to keep an eye out for any buildup behind your Tesla’s door guards on a regular basis (installation might leave a little area for trapped dirt and moisture on the back side of the door). 

#6: Air Compressor for Travel 

The portable air compressor is a must-have for every vehicle with air-filled tires. You won’t need to remember quarters at the gas station or pull out the huge air compressor at home if you have one in the trunk or drunk at all times. 

We recommend a digital air compressor for your Tesla. However, any 12V portable digital air compressor would suffice. Just bear in mind that the majority of them have a limited operational window before they must cool down (typically 15-20 minutes top). 

#7:: Jack Pads 

In terms of protecting your Tesla, jack pads are critical for keeping the battery cover and bottom edges in the finest possible shape. They act as a non-slip surface at your Tesla’s lift points, preventing damage to the side skirting and battery compartment during repair. 

A set of jack pads stowed into the trunk may provide some peace of mind during your Tesla’s inevitable tire changes, and almost everything you can do to protect the battery compartment is worthwhile. 

#8 Cleaning Supplies 

Do cleaning supplies qualify as Tesla accessories? Yes! Teslas are just too gorgeous to keep up a tough exterior . Even though you can easily stop by the local car wash every now and then to keep your Tesla clean, a full hand wash is the best method to protect your paint and keep an eye out for any concerns. 

Keep cleaning materials and tools on hand to make the most of the extra time you have to dedicate to maintaining your Tesla (we don’t know about you, but we adore washing autos when there isn’t a shop run involved). 

Use a two bucket wash system (with a mesh debris barrier like this one) for your Tesla in addition to a washing mitt, microfiber towels, and automotive shampoo. This is plenty for a standard wash regimen. 

#9: A Tesla Vehicle Key Fob Case 

While not all Tesla cars are vulnerable, the Model X and Model Y both include key fobs that must be secured. You may now buy a key fob for your Model 3, but as far as we know, the Model Y does not have this attachment (your phone and key cards are supposed to do the trick). 

The Tesla key fob case, like our top selection, is only a maintenance option (and helps you keep track of the thing). Because the key fob will wear and tear from spending so much time in your pocket or handbag (and, um, dropping to the ground after a slip), why not extend its life with a protective case? 

New key fobs for the Model 3 cost $175, while those for the Model S and Model X cost more than $300. 

Spend your money on something more fun, such as item number ten on our list. 

We don’t have any recommendations for key fob casings, but there are plenty of options on Amazon and Ebay, including silicone, leather, and molded carbon fiber (not gonna lie, these look pretty sweet). 

#10:Game controllers 

We have said that this list is primarily helpful. Playing video games while waiting at a Supercharger might be beneficial, especially if you or a passenger is bored. 

The Logitech F310 Wired Controller is a moderately priced accessory that should work nicely in your Tesla for the casual gamer looking for a simple plug-in option that can stay in the car when not in use. 

For more serious gamers (or if you want something you can take inside and outside the house), there is always the wired or wireless XBOX One controller (though we recommend wires if at all possible to prevent connectivity headaches). 

This finishes the Top 10 Tesla Accessories list. Let’s take a look at some Tesla accessory ideas that are more model-specific: 

Top 3 Tesla Model S Accessories 

Currently, accessory manufacturers aren’t giving the Model S enough attention, but there are a few aftermarket Model S accessories worth considering. Two helpful Tesla additions and one simply aesthetic item that we feel improve the Model S experience are as follows: 

#1:Sun Protection in Hot Climates 

If you live in the western or southern parts of the United States, one of the first Tesla accessories you should consider is some sun shades or heat shields. Despite the fact that Tesla’s HVAC systems are constantly improving, a Model S may still be a major heat trap in a place like Arizona or Texas. 

You may increase your Tesla’s battery life by doing anything you can, such as parking in the shade and adding a sun cover or heat shield. 

Another factor is keeping you and your passengers from feeling like fried eggs on a sidewalk whenever you go for a drive in the summer (and in the fall, y’all, presuming we’re still talking about the South). 

Tesla provides their own sun shades for the Panoramic Roof and the All Glass Roof for Model Years 2012-2020 (bearing in mind that the Panoramic Roof moves while the All Glass Roof stays in place), and Tesla also supplies a basic, lightweight roof cover for the 2021-2022-refresh Model S. 

If you want to achieve true temperature management with your shades, an Original HeatShield set will assist you reduce vampire drain on your Tesla’s battery cooling system when parked outdoors. Although it takes some effort to install these heat shields, the limitations in driving range are evident. Excellent for such a simple Model S attachment. 

#2: Model S Storage Organizer 

An organizer for the subtrunk is a must-have Tesla Model S accessory; without one, everything just rolls about. It would be ideal if the jack pads and portable air compressor we previously mentioned didn’t collide every time you employed your Model S’s remarkable cornering abilities. 

While there are numerous bizarre organizers with specific slots available, a basic lift-out organizer that can be folded flat when not in use is the best solution. When buying an organizer, make sure the model year matches! 

Since the sub trunk in the 2021-2022 Model S Plaid changed sizes with the refresh (it’s no longer a realistic rectangle), the bulk of the existing Model S sub trunk organizers are incompatible with them. 

Model S will be available before 2021. 

#3:Chrome Delete Kit, third edition (For pre-2021 Model S) 

Despite the fact that the Model S Plaid had a design change with less chrome when it first appeared on sale, concealing your pre-2021 Model S chrome with a DIY chrome deletion kit is currently quite popular. 

Options for chrome elimination have gotten more inexpensive since becoming popular aftermarket upgrades for the Tesla Model 3. Previous Model S years may now benefit from the improved, streamlined look for a fraction of the cost of properly wrapped or painted chrome. 

We’ll be honest: we didn’t like the idea of hiding the chrome on a Model S since it’s so smooth. Seeing, however, is believing. 

Tesla Model 3 requirements 

With the release of the Model 3, the market for fashionable Tesla accessories boomed. You can now purchase a variety of coverings and modifications for your Model 3. We’ll look at three of the Model 3’s most popular aftermarket accessories: 

#1:wrap the center console. 

The Model 3’s center console is fingerprinted and piano black, therefore a center console wrap is the first of our must-have extras for the Model 3. The look of the console modernizes the Model 3’s interior while prolonging the time between cleanings (which, let’s face it, would be every time you touched it). 

Furthermore, they allow you to fast and easily modify your Tesla, which is always a plus. Tesla Marketing provides a number of traditional and sporty wrap options for Model 3 consoles in Gen 1.0 and Gen 2.0 (with the sliding door). 

If you don’t enjoy wrapping your Model 3 center console, ABS plastic shell sets make installation and removal easier (all for a higher price point, of course). 

#2: A USB hub that includes a wireless phone charger. 

Despite the fact that the current Model 3 comes with a wireless phone charging slot, the pre-June 4th 2020 Model 3 may use an improved wireless option (for Qi-enabled phone models). 

Although the Tesla online store seems to no longer offer a wireless charging device, there are a variety of wireless charging aftermarket accessories for the Model 3 that can accomplish much more without seeming out of place. 

The Wireless Pad, which also acts as a USB hub, is our current recommendation for adding charging choices and space to your Model 3. If your Model 3 doesn’t have a USB port in the glove box, you can use the hub to keep your SSD hidden, which we like. 

#3: Performance Pedal Cover 

While changing the pedals on your Model 3 won’t officially change the trim level (sad face), it will offer the driver’s side of the cabin a pleasing, sporty makeover for those who don’t have a Model 3 Performance. 

Performance pedal covers are made of rubber and aluminum alloy, and although they mostly serve as ornamental elements, they do provide a bit extra traction. 

Most EV accessory stores that offer aftermarket Tesla 3 accessories have Model 3 Performance Pedal Covers. Although we like the Powder Coated Performance Pedal options, if Brushed Stainless is more to your taste, the Performance Pedal Set from us has you covered (pun intended). 

The best Tesla Model X accessories 

The full Chrome Delete Kit for Model X 

Let’s be honest: the Model X is the “family road trip and hauling Tesla” in this scenario. The following are the three best Tesla Model X accessories, two of which are useful and one is just decorative: 

#1: An inverter 

When you’ve finished charging your Tesla, it’s time to charge everything else. For the electric lifestyle, which encompasses everything from laptops to electric scooters, an outlet is required. 

Any electric vehicle (EV) should include an inverter, but since the Model X (and maybe the Model Y) will be driven by more people, it should be prioritized. Probably. 

It’s best to use a normal inverter that doesn’t need hardwiring (for warranty reasons, etc.), such as the Bestek 200w Inverter, which offers most of the required 110V AC outlets as well as USB-A and USB-C ports. 

#2: A longer charging wire 

A very long charging cable is important if you’ve ever needed to charge your Tesla while driving when there isn’t a supercharger nearby. Furthermore, since the Model X has so much extra storage space, there’s no reason not to bring along a second, 30-foot lifeline. 

Even while charging cables aren’t exactly thrilling or amazing, the use of more cable length as a Tesla X accessory is undeniable. Not inexpensive, but charging wires are seldom inexpensive (and being hauled away after running out of gas in a Model X is also not cheap). 

#3:Chrome Delete Kit, third edition (For pre-2021 Model X) 

Although this Model X upgrade does not enhance the driving experience, it should not be neglected for cosmetic reasons. And, given that the Model X is unquestionably the most identifiable Tesla owing to its immediately unmistakable Falcon Wing doors, why not give it the most exterior polishing imaginable with chrome delete? 

Much of Tesla’s previous chrome aesthetic, similar to the Model S Plaid, has already been phased out in the 2021-2022 Model X upgrade. If your Model X was constructed between 2015 and 2020, you may customize its look with a DIY chrome deletion kit. 

Top 3 Tesla Model Y Accessories 

Because they share so many components, the Model Y accessories sector benefits greatly from the Model 3’s popularity. Many of the accessories on our list for the Model 3 can be added to this one for the Model Y, but here are a few more that enhance the Model Y’s overall usability: 

#1: Mud flaps. 

Mud flaps are a no-brainer if you often drive on gravel, mud, snow, or salted roads. As a consequence of bad driving conditions, both the Model 3 and the Model Y have suffered paint issues. By adding mud flaps, your Tesla Model Y may be significantly less harmed and its market value protected. 

Tesla does sell an All-Weather Protection Kit for the Model Y, but it’s pricey and doesn’t include rear mud flaps. 

Mudflap accessories for the Model Y are fairly priced on Amazon (though avoid any mud flap installation that needs drilling holes), but we’ve identified a dependable, reasonable set from Tesla Marketing with great installation instructions that we like.

#2: Center Console Organizer 

The center console of the Model Y is gorgeous and deep, but without some kind of organizer, it becomes a garbage hole. Just keep in mind that the two console designs—Gen 1 (pre-refresh 2020 Model Y) and Gen 2 (refresh 2021-2022)—are considerably different and need organizers that are sized appropriately. 

Tesla Marketing offers a fantastic complementary slide-out tray for the 2021-2022 redesign of the Model Y Gen 2 console that keeps little things clean while still offering room for bigger ones. Because the Gen 1 Model Y (2020, pre-refresh) console is more open, a drop-in tray works well. 

#3: Behind-the-seat storage 

Given that capacity is the primary advantage of the Model Y over the Model 3, it only makes sense to maximize your Model Y’s storage capacities wherever possible. Extra cubbies and bins in open areas are some clever Model Y modifications. 

The Model Y features some storage space just behind the seats, which is great for extra bins (the rear middle seat has a bit less room, but there is still some usable storage space beneath it). 

We recommend Tesla’s OEM-looking under-seat storage tubs, but if you don’t mind returning sometimes faulty items (some of the reviews on these are unpleasant), you can find several fairly priced options on Amazon. 

The Top 10 Tesla Accessories are now complete (with extra aftermarket Tesla accessories per model). If you’re still looking for a used Tesla or want to sell your used Tesla before upgrading, visit our Tesla Marketing store. 

Our filters enable you, the buyer, to find exactly what you’re looking for. Model, trim, and changes are all included. 

As a seller, we provide two choices for getting the maximum money for your Tesla: 

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