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Tips for keeping your Tesla Model 3 running smoothly

The Tesla Model 3 is a strong challenger in the global vehicle market because it is the least expensive Tesla that runs on electricity and is super stylish. 

Tesla is pursuing a novel approach to automobile design by producing safe vehicles with advanced autopilot that can take over driving responsibilities to a certain degree. 

When it comes to taking care of your Tesla Model 3, there’s a lot to do on the inside and outside. We’ll go through the fundamentals of service, including how often it should be performed and what kind of care it needs. You should also be aware of charging capacity recommendations and warranty information. 

Use this article piece as a thorough resource before purchasing or after making the switch to this luxury vehicle. You’re probably here because owner’s manuals can be confusing, and you’d want a simplified explanation. 

With this manual’s help, you’ll be able to make sense of all the data and keep your Model 3 running smoothly for years, if not decades to come. 

Checklists and Routine Maintenance

Your daily inspections will require a lot more time in the long run than routine maintenance like changing the brake fluid or rotating the tyres. Daily upkeep is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, when it comes to car care. 

The following preventative maintenance procedures should become part of your daily routine with your Tesla Model 3:

  • Before setting out on a lengthy trip, make sure your battery is fully charged and familiarise yourself with your vehicle’s power output. The next few parts will focus on how long a battery lasts. 
  • Check if your tyres have adequate air pressure, and keep an eye out for any warning lights or service signs. 
  • Since your car doesn’t use gas or fuel, the air conditioner is a likely source of any leaks you find. 
  • Avoid having the exterior of your automobile stained by things like rain, tree sap, stuck-on bugs, or bird poop by keeping it clean. 

How to Get Your Battery Charged 

To charge the battery in your Tesla Model 3, you will:

To access the space behind the left rear wheel, release the latches on the car port. This can be accessed in two ways: manually or via an app.

Elon Musk once mentioned capping charging at 80% to 90%. It can be done overnight, but will often take 6-8 hours. 

Besides, it can automatically begin its charging cycle when plugged in, according to a schedule you establish. You can leave it plugged in, and it won’t charge itself unless and until the time you specify. You can schedule it to begin charging after you’ve gone to bed at night or to cease charging at a certain time of day, such as before you leave for work in the morning. 

For the charging port light:

  • white indicates readiness, 
  • blue indicates preparation, 
  • green indicates progress, 
  • blinking green indicates full charge. 
  • Red indicates an error; check the touchscreen, app, or contact Tesla for more information. 

Maintenance of the Battery

Avoid letting the charge on the battery of your Tesla Model 3 drop to zero, since this might cause permanent harm. 

Keep a close eye on this and always be careful when it comes to charging your battery and avoiding a dead battery while driving. If this happens, you may need additional repairs or replacements that Tesla’s warranty doesn’t cover sometimes.

If your Tesla’s battery ever reaches zero charge, you should take it in for service as soon as possible at the local Tesla service centre. In addition to checking the battery and anything in close proximity to it for damage, your automobile may need a jump start right now. 

It is not recommended that you check the battery or remove the cover on your own. If you have any issues about the battery, including how to prevent the car from locking you out, take it to a Tesla shop.

In extremely unusual circumstances, a malfunction may cause your Tesla to lock you out or refuse to accept a charge, in which case you may need to contact Tesla’s Customer Service. The key is to stay away from the zero percent battery situation.

Conclusions Regarding Tesla Model 3 Maintenance 

There’s no denying that Tesla is going above and beyond what other dealers are doing, and for that alone, they deserve praise. Time will tell if Musk’s grandiose ambitions for the Model 3 are justified.

However, Tesla’s engineers are doing everything they can to bring you a car that meets your needs in terms of price, environmental friendliness, noise levels, and energy savings. Oil changes, spark plug replacements, pollution inspections, and other fuel-related hassles are unnecessary with a Tesla, saving you valuable time and money.

To some extent, the upkeep is less than that of a conventional car because you are saving money on gas and parts’ maintenance costs. 

Find out more information here if you would like to know Tesla Model accessories maintenance.

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