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Top Accessories for Your Tesla Model 3 and Y

There are both essential and optional accessories you can fit to your Tesla. It’s aggravating that you need to buy important equipment like a tow hitch and a roof rack for your Tesla, both of which many people believe should have been included with the car from the start. 

The other kind of accessories are enhancements, which improve the vehicle’s convenience, performance, or appearance.

We wanted to show you what we think are the most useful Tesla accessories. I’ll make it clear whether or not each item is only compatible with the Model 3 or if it may also be used on Model Y. I’ll tell you which ones to buy and which ones to avoid at all costs. 

Centre console holder 

If you want to make the most of the roomy centre console below the touchscreen in Tesla, you’ll need to stack your belongings. You’ll have to dig through things rather frequently to find what you need, which is inconvenient.

Here it comes the Centre Console Storage Box. In our experience, this accessory makes Tesla owners’ lives much easier as they feel that they have gained another 30-50% storage space and capacity. 

You can use it with a Model 3 or Model Y manufactured between 2017 and 2023.

Mud flaps

It seems that mud flaps may be standard fitting on some Tesla in some regions. However, we did not get mud flaps on ours in Australia. These mud flaps help protect your Tesla’s paint from rocks kicked up by the tyres.

Putting these mud flaps in was a breeze and a lot of fun. The clips for installing these flaps along the frame come standard, and removal of the mud flaps is also a breeze. 

After more than a year of daily use, these mud flaps retain their like-new appearance. Nothing broken, nothing coming loose, nothing out of place. 

You can use it with a Model 3 mud flap or Model Y mud flap manufactured between 2017 and 2023.

Windscreen sunshade

A windscreen shade serves three primary functions: protecting the dashboard, cooling the interior (and thus the seats) and adding a touch of discretion. The Tesla Market windscreen shades are high-quality and affordable.

As the photo demonstrates, the product does not provide complete coverage due to some visible sagging. You may secure it by folding down your car visors and squeezing it into the dashboard. I don’t think the driver’s seat or steering wheel will get so hot that you’ll have to cool off for a while before getting behind the wheel. 

However, if the weather is rather hot, the inside of the vehicle will reach uncomfortable levels of heat.

It is effortless to fold up these sunshades. It may be folded up into a compact bag and stored in the driver’s door without flopping around. 

Cup holder

The three protruding nubs in each hole of the cup holder do a great job of firmly grasping the bottles and cups we put into it. Tesla owners have been using it for years to secure their drinks in the car.

In the event of a spill or whenever you feel like cleaning it, the silicone insert glides out and washes up like a dream. Cleaning up liquid spills in the cup compartment is a breeze when you have an insert to catch the mess. 

You can use it with a Model 3 or Model Y manufactured between 2017 and 2023.

Performance pedal pads

These Tesla Market performance pedals covers fit onto the pedals perfectly. If you just want your pedals to look different, they’re no-brainers.

The openings in the back are made slightly narrow on purpose to prevent the pedals from slipping out accidentally while driving. Wrapping the metal pedals in the thick, rigid rubber on the back takes some stretching and wrangling.

The pedal covers are anti-slip, making your Tesla look cooler and more sporty for sure.

Screen protector

Tesla screen protector is a no-brainer, like you’d always put a screen protector on the phone or tablet. The screen protector prevents the screen from fingerprints, scratch, chips, and grease. 

Putting the screen protector onto the screen is a straightforward process as well. Follow our instructions, you can get the screen protector on the screen in a few minutes.

Model Y and Model 3 from any year can use it.

All-weather floor mats

Tesla’s original carpets are carpeted and absorbent. These carpet mats will be useful even if you don’t take your Tesla camping or if you don’t live in a rainy or muddy area. 

If you and your family live a pretty busy life, all-weather Tesla floor mats may help. For both the Model Y and the Model 3, the floor mats match with the car up to 90-95% we think.

Model Y and Model 3 from any year can use the floor mat.

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