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What will void your Tesla warranty?

There are a few different ways that you might render the warranty on your Tesla null and invalid. In general, you are responsible for the following things in order to keep your warranty valid:

  1. Maintaining compliance with any and all recall warnings
  2. Only transporting persons and goods while staying within the allowed load limitations.
  3. Performing all necessary fixesThe car must be driven in the appropriate manner.
  4. The following is a list of some of the most prevalent actions that may result in the invalidation of your Tesla warranty:

1.Modifying, disconnecting, or otherwise rendering inoperable the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the Odometer, or any other system that is connected, or making It impossible to detect the VIN or real mileage is illegal. 

2.Your car being branded or labelled as dismantled, fire-damaged, flood-damaged, trash, rebuilt, salvage, reconstructed, irreparable, or a complete loss. 

3.Your vehicle being reconstructed, salvaged, or reconstructed. Having an insurance provider determine that your car is a complete loss and cancel your policy as a result.

You are also responsible for obtaining and keeping full and accurate records of the maintenance performed on your vehicle. These records should include the vehicle identification number (VIN), which has 17 digits, the name and location of the service centre, the miles, the date of the service or maintenance, and a description of the repair or maintenance items.

Despite the fact that Tesla does not require you to do all maintenance or repairs at a Tesla Service Centre or another facility that has been authorised by Tesla, we strongly recommend that you do so. It’s possible that only Tesla Service Centres and Tesla-authorised repair facilities are qualified to operate on specific components of your Tesla since they’ve received specialised training and are equipped with the appropriate equipment.  Tesla Accessories Centres are located across Australia.

If you sell your Tesla while the warranty is still active, you need to make sure that all paperwork pertaining to repairs and maintenance are transferred to the new owners so that the guarantee may continue to be honoured.

In the event that you are involved in a car accident while the warranty is still active on your Tesla, you will need to ensure that the vehicle is properly repaired in order to keep the warranty intact. The most effective strategy for this is to get a policy that covers your Tesla automobile in its entirety.

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