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Which Tesla model is in high demand?

Pure battery EVs made up a record 8% of the new car market in Australia in April, which was a record month for EV adoption. Again, more than half of all EVs sold this month were Teslas.

Tesla sold 3,676 EVs in April, increasing the year’s total to 14,083, or 59% of the 23,926 EVs sold in the year’s first four months. For Tesla, it is more than what the top-selling EV brand sold throughout the all of 2021 and already accounts for 72% of its total 2022 sales.

For the first time in five months, the company sold more Tesla Model Y SUVs than Tesla Model 3, the best-selling EV in Australia currently.

With the exception of the Toyota Rav4, which had 103 more sales in April, all other SUVs in the nation fell behind the Tesla Model Y in terms of sales. The Model Y was still the fourth best-selling vehicle in Australia for the month as a result.

The Tesla Model 3 maintained a solid 1,581 sales, which were almost three times the Toyota Camry and made it the top EV in 2023. The once-dominant sedan in Australia barely sold 574 units in April.

It’s also important to remember that historically, Tesla has seen reduced sales in April, the month that marks the beginning of a quarter, as a result of weak exports in the last month of the previous quarter. 

This time, April surpassed March’s 3,578 purchases to become the biggest month for deliveries in Australia. As the brand expands in Australia and other areas, it demonstrates the effect of cutting down on delivery timeframe.

In order to maintain strong demand for the next part of the year, Tesla cut the price of its Model 3 by up to $3,000 in Australia during the month of April.

One sign of it was the modest price rise in early May, which would suggest that Australian purchasers’ demand has remained robust.

The second message Tesla could have been trying to get over is to boost demand in the short- to medium-term in order to persuade more customers to buy this quarter rather than waiting for price reductions in the upcoming months. 

More than most other brands, Tesla is better at anticipating demand. The judgements it makes about pricing and demand depend heavily on the production data and order levels in real-time. 

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently expanded on this on an earnings call in April:

“It’s really just like – every day, we get a daily real-time update of how many cars were ordered yesterday, how many cars were produced yesterday,” the guy stated.

We must have more real-time data than any other firm on earth, with the possible exception of SpaceX Starlink, according to the CEO of Tesla.

So, because we don’t have to, the other automakers will build the vehicles, deliver them to the dealers, and then the dealers will sell the automobiles. Then it takes a while for them to really determine how many automobiles were sold when they get the data.

In any case, as more Australian drivers switching to an EV, Tesla seems to have an ingenious plan. Tesla is demonstrating to everyone the brand’s ability to modify prices as needed.

For more news around Tesla and EVs in Australia, stay tuned.
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