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Why These Are the BEST Tesla Floor Mats

If you are the proud owner of a Tesla, you are aware that it needs special care. They are not only expensive vehicles but also incredibly delicate. Using floor mats in your automobile is one method to safeguard it. Not all floor mats, however, are created equal. We investigated many products before concluding that these are the best Tesla floor mats available. 

When developing floor mats, the contours of your vehicle are taken into account. They are made of robust materials that can withstand adverse weather conditions as well as regular usage. 

Our top two Tesla floor mats are as follows: 

All-Weather TPE Floor Mats by Tesla Marketing: 

These mats are made of strong TPE material that can withstand all types of weather. They have a rough surface that prevents foot slippage and retains liquid to avoid spillage. It may also trap dry particles such as sand and dirt. 

Tesla Marketing’s floor mats are non-slip.

These floor mats are distinguished by their 3D extended edges, which are raised edges that prevent liquids from spilling over and soaking into the carpet. 

The borders of the Tesla Marketing floor mats are raised. 

Tesla Marketing’s All-Weather floor mats are designed and manufactured using 3D laser real car scanning to properly fit the bottom of the vehicle, eliminating gaps and movement while not interfering with OEM or accelerator performance. 

They also include clip holes that plug into the floor anchor points to protect the floor mats from slipping and obscuring the pedals. 

Close-up of Tesla Marketing Floor Mats 

The three pieces of these floor mats are the driver’s side, the passenger’s side, and a single piece that spans across the whole floor for the rear left and right passengers. 

Tesla Marketing three-piece floor mats 

Because of the materials utilized in their manufacturing, these floor mats are incredibly easy to wash and clean with only a simple splash or rinse of water. 

All-Climate Blanket Surface TPE Floor Mats by Tesla Marketing

These mats, like the TPE version mentioned above, are meant to withstand all types of weather, but this version has a three-layer structure. TPE is used to waterproof and stretch the surface layer. The middle layer is made of TPE foam, which is quieter and more comfortable for the feet. 

Furthermore, the material is substantially lighter and easier to work with. The mat’s foot remains textured, which aids in spill prevention by retaining liquid in place and preventing your feet from moving. It may collect dry particles such as sand and residue. 

These TPE floor mats also feature 3D extended edges and are cut using 3D laser real vehicle scanning, but the edges are shorter and still prevent spills and carpet intrusion. 

Tesla Marketing Floor Mats with Laser-Measured Design 

Furthermore, the floor mats include clip holes that secure them to the floor’s anchor points, preventing them from sliding and obstructing the pedals. 

While the continuous portion that covers the rear left and right passengers is just one, the floor mats on the driver’s and passenger’s sides are both constructed of two parts. 

Outside view of the Tesla Model 3’s Tesla Marketing floor mats 

Despite its reduced weight, the material is still easy to clean with a quick water wash. 

Why they stand out in our view 

In comparison to other Tesla floor mats on the market, Tesla Market provides the best value and incorporates functionality that even Tesla cannot supply. The materials themselves are of the best quality and most robust sort, providing excellent protection while allowing for continued operation.

 These items include everything you could possibly need at the most affordable price we’ve ever seen. Furthermore, when you purchase from Tesla Marketing, you receive a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you’re obtaining a high-quality item. 

Tesla Market will sell Tesla Model 3 and Model Y floor mats from 2017 through 2022. No matter the floor mats you pick, you can count on them to keep your Tesla clean and safe. What are you still waiting for? Get a pair (or two) right now! We assure you won’t be sorry.:)

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