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Will Tesla Let You Buy Parts


Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has revolutionized the automotive industry with its innovative and sustainable approach. Known for producing high-performance electric cars, Tesla has amassed a large and dedicated fanbase. 

However, one question that often arises among Tesla owners and enthusiasts is whether the company allows customers to purchase individual parts for their vehicles. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the topic and explore whether Tesla provides accessibility to parts, the challenges involved, and alternative solutions.

The Challenge of Buying Tesla Parts

Tesla’s approach to vehicle servicing and parts availability is somewhat unique compared to traditional automakers. The company operates its own service centers, known as Tesla Service Centers, where customers can bring their vehicles for repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. 

This centralized approach has allowed Tesla to maintain control over the quality of service provided to its customers, but it has also led to limitations when it comes to purchasing individual parts.

Policy Regarding the Sale of Parts by Tesla

Throughout its history, Tesla has maintained a policy that prevents the direct sale of parts to customers who want to perform do-it-yourself repairs or modifications on their vehicles. 

The stance that the company takes originates from its commitment to ensuring the safety and dependability of the vehicles that it produces. Tesla’s philosophy is centred on providing a seamless customer experience. One way in which this is accomplished is by encouraging owners to bring their vehicles to authorised service centres, where Tesla-certified technicians are able to perform the necessary work using genuine Tesla parts.

However, it’s worth noting that Tesla’s policy on parts sales has evolved over time. In the past, it was difficult for customers to obtain individual components directly from Tesla. 

However, in recent times, Tesla has started to increase the scope of its parts sales in some respects. The company is now selling a limited selection of components directly through their website. The availability of particular parts may vary, but the company does offer these components for purchase.

Authorised Service Centres for Tesla

Tesla owners have a number of options available to them, including purchasing parts directly from the company, going to an authorised repair shop, or both. Tesla has been steadily expanding its network of authorised repair facilities, each of which is able to perform repairs and maintenance on Tesla vehicles, has access to genuine Tesla parts, and can perform repairs on Tesla vehicles. 

Customers who would rather not go to a Tesla Service Centre for their vehicle needs can frequently find a solution to their problem at one of these authorised repair shops, which offer an alternative solution.

Aftermarket Options

The aftermarket industry has stepped in to fill the void for Tesla owners who are looking for greater flexibility in the process of purchasing parts or accessories for their vehicles. 

A growing number of third-party manufacturers and retailers offer a range of Tesla-compatible parts and accessories. These may include things like specialised wheels, interior upgrades, charging accessories, and a variety of other accoutrements. 

Nevertheless, it is essential to exercise caution and make certain that any aftermarket parts or accessories purchased are compatible with Tesla’s particular models and meet the necessary safety standards before making a purchase.


While Tesla’s policy on parts sales has traditionally been restrictive, the company has taken steps to address the demand for individual components from its customers. Although the availability of parts directly from Tesla is still limited, the expansion of its parts sales platform indicates a willingness to provide greater accessibility to customers. 

Additionally, the presence of authorised repair shops and the aftermarket industry offer alternative avenues for Tesla owners to source parts for their vehicles.

As Tesla continues to refine its approach to parts sales and service accessibility, it’s evident that the company is committed to maintaining its high standards of safety and customer satisfaction. 

As the electric vehicle market grows, we can expect Tesla to adapt and evolve its policies further to meet the needs of its expanding customer base.

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