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A carbon fiber alternative

In spite of the fact that the vast majority of the aftermarket accessory options for the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are limited to carbon fibre replacement components and coatings, purchasers still have access to a wide array of aftermarket accessory options. 

If you are still interested in upgrading your Tesla but are undecided about the type of improvement you want to implement, Spectre Fiber is an alternative that you should think about exploring further.

What Does Spectre Fiber Really Consist Of?

The dazzlingly white Spectre Fibre is actually made of a polythene material that serves as a stand-in for genuine carbon fibre. 

The exceptional qualities of genuine carbon fibre are strikingly comparable to those of Spectre Fiber, notably in terms of the material’s tensile and abrasion resistance. Spectre Fiber is currently one of the most powerful and lightweight fibres that can be purchased on the market today. 

The strength-to-weight ratio of Spectre Fiber is among the best of any synthetic fibre, and it possesses extraordinarily high levels of robustness, elasticity, and resiliency. Spectre Fiber is also one of the synthetic fibres that has the highest strength. The absence of any natural components in Spectre Fibre is the single disadvantage it has in comparison to authentic carbon fibre, which is the sole benefit it has.

 In contrast to the conventional carbon fibre, which is produced using organic polymers, Spectre Fiber is made from a polymer with an extremely high molecular weight called ultra-high molecular weight polythene.

Spectre Fibre Specifications

Spectre Fiber is an excellent material for Tesla Aftermarket Accessories due to its ultra-low weight as well as its resistance to UV light, chemicals, and water. Spectre Fiber also has a low coefficient of friction.

 In addition to this, it is unaffected by the impacts of ultraviolet radiation. Spectre Fiber has a lengthy history of use in high-tech armour applications, such as bulletproof vests and helmets for law enforcement and military personnel, in addition to bulletproof armour for vehicles.

The capacity to preserve their structural integrity is one of the most significant characteristics that all of the best Tesla accessories have in common with one another.The manufacturer should take into account the amount of use, the amount of wear and tear, and any other environmental elements that may have an influence on the quality of the product over time. 

This is because all of these things have the potential to affect the quality of the product over time. Spectre Fiber is the entity that is responsible for handling it.

In addition to its ability to absorb vibration and provide dampening, it is asserted that Spectre Fiber possesses lifetime fibre friction properties. This capability is also assured to be present. As a result of the characteristics it possesses, Spectre Fiber is capable of preserving a high level of resistance not only to corrosion but also to abrasion. 

Moreover, this property may be maintained throughout time. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Spectre Fiber is utilised in such a wide number of high-performance applications because it has such a vast range of potential uses.

Because of the structure and chemistry of the material, Spectre Fiber appears translucent after the application of resin. This effect is caused by the substance. If it is assembled in the right way, it will leave a really powerful and significant impact in three dimensions.

Should I buy an electric vehicle equipped with Tesla Spectre Fibre?

It is not as easy to get your hands on Spectre Fibre accessories, particularly the ones that are made specifically for Tesla automobiles. 

It will have the look of a design made with “White” carbon fibre, but it will have none of the structural benefits that Spectre Fiber has. If you are an owner of a Tesla who is interested in challenging established standards and sparking transformation, the Spectre Fiber Steering Wheel Replacement or Dashboard Set may be the accessory that best suits your needs.

If you are looking for carbon fibre accessories, visit our store to find your ideal one.

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