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Can I Get A Charger With Tesla

The answer is No. If you buy a new Tesla, you cannot get any charging equipment.

In the past, buyers of any Tesla model also received a Tesla Mobile Connector, which allowed them to charge their vehicle from any standard wall outlet (NEMA 5-15), making it easy to keep their vehicle powered (albeit slowly, with Level 1 charging).   

But now, due to low utilisation numbers, Tesla has chosen to stop integrating the Mobile Connector altogether.

The future of Tesla purchasers? 

After April 2022, the Mobile Connector will no longer be included with any Tesla. A Mobile Connector, now $400, is an optional expense for drivers. 

The Tesla Mobile Connector has been out of stock for quite some time, and now customers have to pay extra for a feature that was formerly included with the purchase of every Tesla.

This implies that you will not be able to charge your Tesla once you have driven it home from the dealership. If your electric vehicle (and your hopes and aspirations for it) ever run out of juice and have to stop on the side of the road, you’d better be near a Supercharger station. 

But you still have the options to charge your Tesla

Tesla’s Charging Infrastructure

When it comes to charging, Tesla offers a comprehensive infrastructure to support the charging needs of its vehicles. However, it’s important to understand that the specific charger you receive when buying a Tesla depends on the model and configuration you choose.

Wall Connector:

  • The Tesla Wall Connector is an optional home charging solution designed specifically for Tesla vehicles.
  • The Wall Connector is a hardwired charging device that requires professional installation by a licensed electrician. It provides faster charging speeds compared to the Mobile Connector.
  • The Wall Connector is available in different power configurations, including options for single-phase or three-phase power supply, and can provide faster charging rates depending on the electrical capacity of your home.

Supercharger Network:

  • Tesla has developed an extensive Supercharger network comprising high-speed charging stations strategically located worldwide.
  • While the Supercharger network is not included with the purchase of a Tesla vehicle, it offers a reliable and efficient option for rapid charging during long-distance travel.
  • Tesla owners can utilise Superchargers by paying per use or opting for specific Supercharger access plans, depending on the region.

Installing Charging Equipment at Home:

To facilitate convenient and efficient home charging, Tesla provides guidance and support for installing charging equipment. When buying a Tesla, you have the option to work with a Tesla-recommended electrician who can assess your home’s electrical capacity, install the necessary circuitry, and help you choose the most suitable charging solution.

Additionally, Tesla offers assistance in finding eligible incentives, rebates, or tax credits that may be available for installing home charging infrastructure. This can help offset the cost of installing a Wall Connector or other charging equipment.

Public Charging Options:

In addition to home charging solutions, Tesla owners can take advantage of various public charging options. These include:

Destination Charging:

Tesla’s Destination Charging program collaborates with hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other businesses to install Tesla Wall Connectors at their locations, providing convenient charging opportunities for Tesla owners while they visit or stay.

Third-Party Charging Networks:

Tesla vehicles are compatible with numerous third-party charging networks, such as EVgo, ChargePoint, and Electrify America. These networks have widespread charging infrastructure, allowing Tesla owners to access charging stations across the country.

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