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Tesla Model 3 Car Key Holder

Tesla Model 3 Car Key Holder

  • Ultimate Tesla keycard protection from being scratched and damaged.
  • Crafted from temperature-resistant silicone.
  • Smooth, sleek surface for easy cleaning.
  • A stylish, portable key ring that seamlessly attaches to your key chain.
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12 months wear-through warranty

1. Enhanced security for your Tesla Model 3 keycard

The expertly designed silicone keycard holder is an impeccable addition to your Tesla Model 3. Equipped with an elegantly designed key ring, this accessory integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle. Affix it to your key chain and confidently carry the symbol of your Tesla ownership.

2. Resilient, Easy-to-clean, and Temperature-resilient

Crafted from high-quality silicone designed to withstand the fluctuating dance of temperatures, this piece embodies a robust fortitude courtesy of its remarkable elasticity. Its smooth, sleek surface is effortlessly washable, a mere wipe away from sparkling cleanliness.

3. A Spectrum of 4 colors to complement your Tesla

Immerse yourself in the vivid palette of our Tesla keycard holder. We offer a hue for every Tesla and its discerning owner, with options ranging from the dynamic Tesla red, classic black, and tranquil white to vibrant pink. This accessory isn’t merely functional; it’s a fashion statement.




Black and Red, Black and White, Pink and White, Red and White


0.1 KG

Package Dimensions

10*6.5*1.5 CM


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