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Where can you charge your tesla for free

Conversations around the dinner table increase and questions multiply as the electric car transition begins a slow and overdue ramp up in Australia. These days many consumers think that Tesla electric cars can be charged for free.

It’s a simplistic notion, but the truth is more nuanced: Free charging for Tesla EVs was available in the past, and still is in some locations. Also, other electric vehicles can charge for free at certain EV chargers; however, you will need to be aware of which ones these are.

You’re not alone if you find that hard to understand. This calls for a deeper dive into the subject matter; if we’ve missed anything, please let us know.

There was a period when all Tesla vehicles had unlimited free charging

Tesla offered free lifelong charging at its network of Superchargers to entice early adopters to buy cars from the startup. In 2018, Tesla unveiled a temporary plan to promote viral purchasing by allowing its customers to offer free Supercharging to a friend.

Before 2017, the benefit was associated with the Tesla owner’s account rather than the vehicle, allowing it to be moved from one vehicle to another. Customers were offered non-transferable free Supercharging when the Model 3 was first released, but as Tesla matured and strived to sustain profitable quarters, the incentive was eliminated in May of 2020.

Once upon a time, Tesla customers got 1,500 km of free Supercharging for every recommendation

In addition to the unlimited Supercharging described above, there was also an offer of 1,500 kilometres of free Supercharging for each purchase made through a referral link. 

This programme, too, was terminated in September 2021 when the EV manufacturer announced that “we are not offering Referral awards until further notice.”

Some hotels and other locations offer free charging for Tesla drivers

Free charging is available at select locations where Tesla destination chargers have been installed, such as hotels, motels, supermarkets and shopping centres.

On many occasions, using the charger is free if you’re already a client.

The Plugshare website and mobile app are both useful for locating and verifying the availability of these outlets. Some may be unlocked for use by other types of electric vehicles; again, check with the facility’s administration to be sure.

There are certain public charging networks where electric vehicles like Teslas and others can charge for free

Public charging networks, such as those provided by the NRMA in New South Wales and the RACV in Victoria, or by city and shire councils, are also available and are free to use. Big fast chargers can fully charge your EV in under an hour (in some cases, as little as 15 minutes!). 

Checking on the Plugshare website is a good idea because the owners of some of these free networks may start charging in the future. And do not forget to check in! 

It relieves stress associated with range anxiety and helps other EV owners anticipate when you will be finished with charging.

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