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Which Tesla Model 3/Y Door Trim Accessory Is Best?

Taking Delivery of Your New Tesla 

The day a Tesla owner gets their brand-new Tesla is one of the most exciting. As one admires the appearance, the prospect of getting behind the wheel and driving the greatest automobile of the decade excites them. 

When most first-time drivers get behind the wheel, they will notice the design of the center console, steering wheel, and sumptuous surrounds of their Model 3 or Model Y. Many individuals who glance at the futuristic cabin will notice a part that does not fit in with the rest of the vehicle. The dashboard in white and wood. 

Many owners have said that the wood veneer design is evocative of the 1970s, while others believe it enhances the automobile. Tesla’s upgraded interior option is the white door  trim, which has a flat white appearance. The white trim was designed to contrast with the white seats. Many owners will opt to drive their Tesla Model 3/Y about, as enthusiastically as they are, in order to develop an appreciation for the various Tesla Model 3/Y  door  trim layouts. 

Over time, flaws such as peeling wood grain may occur. The warped veneer will be more difficult to hide. Tesla will fix your door trim as part of their warranty, however, areas with high humidity levels are more prone to the same issue. 

Problems with my Tesla Model 3 – Y Wood Door Trim 

Would it be better to pay an extra $1000 for the white inside choice rather than the black/wood grain combination? Owners of the Model 3 and Model Y report that the white door trim, together with the side mirrors, reflects a sharp sun glare, creating a blinding reflection! 

It is reasonable to expect Tesla to employ updated components that match the rest of the Tesla Model 3/Y interior or do not impair the driving experience for a $50,000-$70,000 vehicle. It goes without saying that a sizable segment of the Tesla community prefers the classic wood grain or the sterile white trim over an alternative design. 

Discussion about  the Tesla Model 3 Y door trim. 

When I was seeking for the perfect thing to disguise my wood door trim, I probably thought I had found a workaround. a door trim constructed of carbon. Because I was so pleased with my recent purchase, I decided to show it off to my friends. It had been covering my dash for about two weeks when I noticed the corners of the cap peeling up. 

The results were quite similar. The wood grain that I had worked so hard to hide was visible. Is it the sun, the ABS plastic, or the tape? As uncertainties began to fill my mind, I realized that choosing the less costly option could not always result in better results. I had considered covering my door trim, but I had heard of numerous cases where the wrap still revealed the wood grain. 

And I’d want to own the real thing. I became obsessed with the idea of real, hand-made carbon fiber interior decorations for my Tesla and was always on the lookout for a modification that went beyond a basic door trim cover or wraps. This experience led my coworker and me to create a true carbon fiber door trim replacement. 

Our next aim was to create a carbon fiber dash attachment for the Tesla Model 3/Y that will keep its high-quality finish over time. When my colleague and I began our project, we prioritized a non-glare finish that would not reflect sunlight while driving. We started with a glossy carbon fiber attachment since many shiny accessories are notorious for glaring in the sun.

 Using our technical method, we created a finish that evenly distributes sunlight across the clear resin to remove or reduce glare. In this POV video, Keenan shows a clean perspective of our door trim that does not cause glare when driving, regardless of the weather. (In this video, we also compare our modified door trim cap to the standard Tesla dash cap.) 

Although our product is more costly than similar solutions, we value quality craftsmanship above a quick cure. 


It’s natural for a Tesla Model 3/Model Y owner to believe their car is identical to every other Model 3/Model Y on the road. When you start a 2022 Tesla modification list, online searches continue to provide the same results.

 There are numerous carbon fiber accessories available, however, there aren’t many authentic carbon fiber modifications for your Tesla Model 3/Y, as illustrated in the top ten articles accessible.


 However, some individuals may prefer the original wood veneer/white trim over the carbon fiber. Let’s go through the benefits and drawbacks of each of the three options for those who desire a more sporty carbon fiber look: 


Hide the wood door trim low-cost option 


Arduous installation method 

Stretch marks will occur if the installation is not done correctly. 

Air bubbles will form if the installation is not flawless. 

The curve of the wood grain on the wrapped surface 

A part of the white and wood door trim is replaced. 




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Tesla Model 3/Y door trim cap/cover ($60-$550) 

The Store Tesla Model 3 & Y Carbon Fiber Door Trim Cover 


Not  expensive 

The adhesive tape used to apply it produces a “look” for carbon fiber. 

A simple way to conceal dashboard trim 


3M Tape begins to lose adherence. 

Wood/white trim becomes noticeable with time. 

Utilizing plastic ABS (fake) carbon fiber 

Partially replaces wood/white trim 

In opposition to the door 

When a carbon fiber “pattern” is utilized instead of genuine carbon fiber, the weaving may seem distorted




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