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Be Sure to Prep and Protect Your Tesla’s Interior

If you leave your tesla out in the sun without any protection, the heat and UV rays will swiftly deteriorate its exterior. Many motorists don’t realise that their vehicles’ cabins can get hotter above 40-50 degrees. Temperatures can easily exceed 40 degrees when exposed directly to sunlights in Australia.

It’s important to keep the dashboard and the seats safe from the scorching temperatures. You also run the danger of damaging your Tesla’s paint job. You have more of an obligation to take care of your Tesla and its occupants if you live in a hot area, especially as summer approaches.

Here are some summertime precautions you can take to safeguard your Tesla.

Get a Car Wash and Detail

Vehicle cleaning is only the beginning of the detailing process. Using the proper equipment and cleaning supplies, they give the place a thorough once over. If you need expert cleaning and restoration of your Tesla’s interior, you can take it to a professional auto detailer. DIY methods exist, and they usually involve the following steps:

  • Cleaning the car’s upholstery using a vacuum
  • Cleaning up grime and stains with shampoo
  • Washing and buffing all glass surfaces inside
  • Mats and carpets can be steamed, cleaned and brushed.

Cleaning leather requires applying conditioner and scrubbing to remove grime that has set in. Care instructions for many types of upholstery materials are included in this post.

Detailing your car will make it appear and run like new. The clear top coat makes it easy to distinguish between a brand-new and a previously-owned vehicle. Exposure to sunlight causes material to deteriorate over time, giving your Tesla an aged appearance. 

It’s important to clean Tesla’s interior with the right tools

To keep your automobile looking clean and smelling fresh, you’ll need a variety of cleaning supplies. A car’s cleaning checklist is as follows:

When handling cleaning wipes, conditioning sprays, or other chemical products, always wear gloves and eye protection.

  • Cleaning with a microfiber duster, towel, or wipe
  • Cleaning spray for windows
  • A vacuum for the floor mats, upholstery, and vents
  • To help the vacuum get into those hard-to-reach places, they designed a slim-tip attachment.
  • A little brush appendage for scrubbing carpets clean of hair, fur, and other debris

Cleaning your Tesla with bleach or hydrogen peroxide is a bad idea. In spite of their usefulness in cleansing hard surfaces, neither of these chemicals is suitable for use in your car. Plastics and vinyl may be harmed by ammonia-based cleaning chemicals, therefore you should never use them. Replace it with some water and soap.

Maintain a Clean Scent in Your Tesla

You shouldn’t omit the deodorising stage. It won’t completely prevent heat stroke in the summer, but it will make the automobile more bearable for everyone within. After all, nobody likes to be trapped in a musty automobile. If you’re going to use an air freshener, pick one whose scent won’t be too overbearing.

Install a Sunshield in Your Windscreen

Teslas with windscreen covers installed stay cooler. To keep the inside of your automobile looking like new, they also block the sun’s rays. Sunshades may seem tough to set up, but they really aren’t. These windscreen visors are well worth the trouble, even though they are more difficult to install. They shield the front of your car’s cabin from the sun’s rays and extreme heat.

The dashboard and steering wheel can get damaged if the windscreen isn’t protected. If they have lost their lustre as a result of the heat, you will notice telltale signs like cracks and dryness. As the warm weather of summer approaches, investing in a windscreen sun protector is a smart and cost-effective move.

Safeguard Your Seats

Especially if your seats are made of leather, installing seat coverings is a must. In the summer, the heat from the sun can make your car seats uncomfortable. A car seat cover can alleviate discomfort and delay wear on the seats.

You may also keep the chairs safe by using the right product. Some materials are more demanding than others; leather, for instance. The leather seats in Tesla can be damaged by the sun and heat, and can develop tears and splits in a short amount of time. The answer is straightforward. A leather conditioner needs to be applied frequently.

Install Window Awnings to Block the Sun

Protecting your windows is just as important as protecting your windscreen. Sox blinds for windows are inexpensive and easy to install and remove, making them a practical solution. They shield the car’s occupants from excess heat while also reducing glare.

One of the greatest benefits of using window sunshades is that you can do it while driving. Unless you also have sunshades for the back of your car, they won’t get in the way of your rear view. Due to the frequent necessity of checking your rear view mirror while driving, we strongly advise against doing so.

Have a Seat in the Shade

One more bit of advice. Protecting your Tesla from drying out and cracking by parking in the shade is a great idea. You might even lower the windows to open a crack if it’s safe to do so. The air pressure is also more easily maintained by doing this.

Finding a parking space that shields your car from the sun makes a lot of sense. The problem is that it’s simpler to say than to do. We understand that it isn’t always convenient, especially when you’re short on time or simply plain lazy. Finding a shady area, though, usually takes no longer than five minutes. 

Although this issue may not be a big one for Tesla owners as we can turn on the air conditioner in Tesla before we get back to the car, so the temperature inside the Tesla can be lowered beforehand.

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