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Does tinting your Tesla void warranty?

It will not be necessary for you to wait out the period of the warranty that is still active on your Tesla before you are permitted to add window tint to your vehicle. Despite the fact that certain changes may in the future have an impact on certain warranty claims, it would be exceedingly difficult for anybody to prove that window tinting was the cause of a problem that would otherwise be covered by the guarantee.

To summarise, there is a low probability that the installation of window tint would change the terms of your warranty in any manner, but there is a possibility that it may. However, there is still a chance that this will take place in the future. However, the following is a summary of some of the situations that might lead to the warranty on your product becoming void:

  • Failing to conduct the essential routine maintenance services in a timely manner
  • Putting so much weight into the vehicle that it exceeds its carrying capability because it has been overloaded.
  • The failure to conduct necessary repairs in a timely way when they were supposed to be done.
  • Tamper with the odometer of your vehicle or deface the vehicle identification number (VIN). Both of these actions are illegal and will void warranty.

Despite the fact that the purpose of car warranties is to pay for necessary repairs that are necessary due to faults in the manufacturing process, there are a number of things that may go wrong with your Tesla that the guarantee won’t cover. 

Alternately, as long as you have the right kind of coverage, vandalism, accident damage, or aesthetic defects caused by weather occurrences would all be covered by your motor insurance policy. On the other hand, this is only true if you have the appropriate insurance coverage. Contact us for details about Tesla Accessories in Australia.

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