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Checklist for 2023 Tesla Delivery Days

You’ve just placed an order for a new Tesla and are now counting down the days before it arrives. It won’t be long until pickup comes. Everything you need to know about Delivery Day is right here! 

A – Before delivery, check the vehicle’s records

  • Check that your paperwork contains the correct full name and address. 
  • Check the car’s VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) against your paperwork. 
  • Bring physical or digital proof of your down payment, as well as the details of your most recent payment. 
  • A printed insurance card is advised. 

B – External assessment 

  • Look for defects in the body’s exterior paint. 
  • Look for scratches or other damage on the vehicle’s underside (front and rear). 
  • Examine the body panels for any visible gaps or misalignments. Specifically, the frunk gap, charging port, front and back lights that are flush with the hood/panels, glass roof panel alignment, and absence of leaks. 
  • Examine the four valve stem covers on each tire and the wheel rims for damage. 
  • Examine each piece of glass for cracks, scratches, and signs of distortion. 
  • Check that the windshield and windshield trim are properly installed. 
  • On a regular basis, inspect the margins of the rear window and roof glass panel. 
  • Check that each door opens and shuts gently and without unnecessary effort. 
  • Examine the paint in areas that are obscured when the doors are closed, such as door hinges. 
  • Using the auto-close button, test the trunk’s opening and closing. The door should latch and shut automatically. 
  • Check the opening and closing of the frunk. Examine the paint in any areas that are not visible after closing the trunk and frunk. 
  • Ascertain that the towing eye is there and accessible under the frunk mat. 
  • Check that the door windows close automatically when the doors are closed. 
  • Examine the front and rear exterior lights for interior dampness. 
  • With all doors open, inspect the weather seals around windows and door gaps. NOTE: Seals have allegedly been “overlapped” in a few deliveries. This is worth reporting even if it is easily rectified by hand. 

C – Seated at the wheel 

  • Look for any error warnings on the display screen. 
  • Touch the “Tesla T” at the top of the screen to launch the “About Your Tesla” window. Tap the unicorn drawing to launch the Sketch Pad. Allow the Sketch Pad to run for a time to verify there are no ghost touches on the display. 
  • Gently test the emergency releases on the driver’s and passenger’s doors. 
  • Check all four windows to ensure they open and close properly. 
  • Check sure the air conditioner and heater are running at maximum capacity and are not generating any unusual noises. 
  • Before activating the sound system, move the fade/balance controls to each of the four spots to ensure that each speaker is functioning. Test the steering wheel position controls to ensure they operate correctly. 
  • To activate the horn, push the center of the steering wheel. 
  • Examine the windshield for distorted perspectives. 
  • Check that the wipers are functioning. 
  • Examine your rearview mirror. 
  • Examine the side mirror folding and positioning mechanics (minimal noise). 
  • Examine the mirrors and the sun visor for damage. 
  • Check for any distortion or warping in the rearview mirror. 

D: Internal investigation 

  • Check the inside carpeting, dash, liner, and seat upholstery (including rear seats, frunk, and trunk). 
  • Examine the windshield and windows for glass ripples. 
  • Examine the operation of the left and right clothing hooks. 
  • Examine the operation of each seatbelt. 
  • When moved, none of the front seats squeak (check all directions of motion). 
  • Check that the rear seats fold down smoothly. 
  • Lift the bottom of the back seat to ensure it is securely secured to the base. 

E – Verifying connection 

  • Each USB port should be tested for connectivity (front: 1 USB-A, back: 2 USB-C). 
  • Check that the 12-volt DC outlet is turned on. 
  • Examine the connection of the wireless phone charger. 
  • Phone and music streaming are both functioning, and radio reception is superb. 
  • Test both key cards to ensure they work on the B-pillar. Keep a spare key card on hand in case the phone app fails. 
  • Connect your smartphone to your automobile through Bluetooth. Check the functioning (unlock, precondition, etc) 

F – Examine the illumination. 

  • Vanity mirror lighting, and Front lights for the driver and passenger. 
  • Above the rear wheels, there are right and left sidelights. 
  • There are footwells for the driver and passengers, as well as door pockets. 
  • The back door pockets are on the right and left. 
  • Puddle lights on the passenger and driver doors. 
  • Lights for the middle and rear compartments of the console. 
  • All of the door windows and latch buttons are lit. 
  • The steering wheel has control lights. 
  • Lightweight gloves (check glovebox opening and closing). 
  • Frat light illuminated trunk (2). 
  • Foglights. 
  • Headlights(low high-beam). 
  • Frontparklights. 
  • Turn signal lights are located on the front, left, and right sides of the vehicle. 
  • In the rear, there are running lights. 
  • Brakelights. 

G – Check the charging capacity. 

  • Check the alignment and functionality of the charging port door. 
  • Check the charging port’s indicator light. 
  • Check that the automobile can be charged. 
  • Examine the smartphone charging equipment using a cable. Check that it works and that the connections on the J1772 adapter charge, latch, and unlatch. 
  • NEMA 5-15 120-volt adapter. 
  • NEMA 14-50 240-volt adaptor 

 H-Supercharger testing on-site – Final Projects 

  • Check with your delivery professional to ensure that your car is recognized as delivered in Tesla’s network. Cars are said to have been delivered, however, the phone app prohibits consumers from signing in the next day. 
  • Make copies of any papers needed for full purchase paperwork, including a copy of your signed purchase agreement. Even if the delivery professional indicates you can view your documents online via your Tesla account, request hard versions to take with you. 
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