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Why Tesla Owners Buying Tesla Accessories ?

Many Tesla owners are already considering purchasing additional Tesla accessories. The electric vehicle industry titan Tesla released its own report card on January 2, 2022, boasting global sales of 936,000 units, an increase of 88% year over year. The impressive performance of 300,000 units sold throughout the world in the fourth quarter and the positive growth data drove the stock price up by 11% on the day. 

If you look at Tesla’s customer base attentively, you’ll notice that the Chinese market is a driving factor. As of October 2021, the China Passenger Car Association said that Tesla had sold over 330,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in China, accounting for almost one-third of the global market.

The demand for Tesla parts has skyrocketed

When consumers really invest $200,000RMB / AUD $70,000 to become Tesla owners, they will find that they have a lot to do, despite all of Tesla’s macro-level marketing tricks. The interior has been aptly described by internet users as “an empty house.” 

Just as few people use iPhones without phone cases and screen protectors, the plain lines and lack of functional space of the Tesla are obviously a mismatch with the needs of elegant Tesla customers. 

The demand for Tesla accessories continues to rise globally

When compared to the tens of thousands of dollars required to upgrade to the automatic driving optional package, the 50 dollars or so spent on a Tesla central control storage box, roof rack, seat cover, or floor mats can make a huge difference in your comfort level in a matter of minutes. 

As the sales volume of Tesla model 3 and model Y has increased in Australia, so too has the desire for various Tesla accessories, and this demand has been fully developed over time, leading to the progressive expansion of related product categories.

What characteristics do Tesla accessories have that make Tesla owners willing to purchase them?

The research shows that when it comes to Tesla accessories, owners care less about pricing and more about the following qualities: high levels of practicality, use of environmentally friendly materials, high-quality design, and exceptional build. 

Using the data from numerous Amazon and Shopify sites as an example, we can see that individual products that fulfil the aforementioned criteria have monthly sales of $5,000 or more, making them extremely popular and demonstrating a high demand from Tesla owners.

The reason why Tesla owners rush out to purchase branded merchandise is obvious.

Tesla’s raw construction and minimalist interior offer this demand room to develop, and Tesla owners need a more comfortable, polished, and even extreme experience.

The reason Tesla customers rush out to acquire accessories is obvious at this point. However, stores selling Tesla accessories like us have a clear advantage when it comes to scratching that itch. 

The primary reason is because we place a premium on the safety, convenience, and enjoyment of the driver. The purpose of the Tesla accessories is to improve Tesla owners’ lives at the end of the day

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