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How to Repair Tesla’s V11’s Holiday Update

 Elon Musk said that Tesla is actively working on Holiday Update V11 upgrades. 

One of the wonderful new features of Tesla’s most recent update is the magnificent Christmas light show. Tesla dramatically updated the user interface while also offering new features, and we’ll focus on that today. 

V11 has several new features. 

Before we go into the updated user interface, let’s go through all of the new features in V11. 

This most recent revision includes 

Updates to the navigation. With enhanced navigation features, you may now add and rearrange multiple stops on your itinerary, as well as hide map components for a cleaner look. 

Among the most recent types of entertainment include TikTok, new video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Sudoku, and multiplayer support for the Battle of Polytopia. 

I should tell you that you’ll need a controller to play Sonic and other games like Cuphead. If you don’t already have one, you may get one from my website, accessoriesfortesla.com, which also sells great Tesla clothing, accessories, and upgrades. 

The audio settings have also been updated recently. You may now choose from five levels of immersive audio, up from three before, and you can even modify the power of the subwoofer. 

The smartphone app now allows you to interact with people outside your car from inside by utilizing the exterior boombox speaker as a megaphone. 

You may now activate blind spot cameras while turning or changing lanes. When you use your blinkers, you will now see a live video feed from either the left or right fender cameras. 

Quick hint: After an update, the function will be turned off by default, but you may enable it in the autopilot menu by choosing Automatic Blind Spot Cameras. 

This feature, I feel, is fairly incomplete, and since the camera is situated on the turning signal when used at night, the light actually blinds the camera, rendering it all but useless. 

Individuals residing outside of the United States in North America and Europe who are utilizing Sentry mode may now see live footage from their autopilot cameras directly in the Tesla Mobile App. 

Finally, cold weather features have been improved. With the ability to activate cold-weather capabilities while the battery is still charging, you may warm the charge port or preheat the cabin when it’s freezing outside. Furthermore, automatic seat heating has been included, which means your heated seats will work in line with your temperature control settings. 

New user interface 

Now that everything is in place, let’s talk about the new UI changes. Tesla says that the update was designed to make the user experience easier, but since its introduction, many people have come out to say that the new user interface is a step backwards, and I must admit that I agree somewhat. 

Because this is not a “hate” post, I will examine both the things I like and feel have improved, as well as the ones I dislike and believe have pushed us backwards. 

It’s evident right away that Tesla is trying for a more basic home interface. A lot of information was moved from the main page to the settings menu to accomplish this. 

This means that things that you previously did with a single touch while driving now need a little more effort. This seems to be the most serious problem with the current version, according to the majority of users. 

Consider the home screen, for example. The connection options, including user profiles, window defrost, Bluetooth, WiFi, and LTE settings were formerly housed in a menu bar at the top of the screen. 

We also got access to our charge screen, tire pressure gauge, and wiper settings. All of these options are now available in the settings menu. Furthermore, the icons that ARE still on the home screen are shrunk, making it far more difficult to touch them accurately while driving. 

When someone complains about the new version, I’ve discovered that whenever someone reacts, people tell that person that they are overreacting and that they should shut up and get used to it. These people, in my view, are not overreacting and have every right to be upset about this upgrade since, at the end of the day, the update is intended to make things more plain and user-friendly. 

Some of the most useful options in V11 are hidden away, and numerous icons have been lowered in size to make them more difficult to touch while driving. Although it may seem that we are being picky or that these faults are trivial, customers who are used to the layout of the previous version may find it inconvenient. 

How to Fix the V11 Changes 

When I first loaded the update, the design selections threw me off surprise, and I was also irritated. However, after a few days of exploring the new UI. I did manage to regain some sense of calm. 

The new UI allows you to customize your Home Screen by adding and uninstalling programs; however, you can only add up to four apps and cannot change or remove settings. 

This new capability does not support user profiles or connection settings; nevertheless, you may recover deleted programs such as sentry cameras and Bluetooth settings. Although it will not completely solve the issue, the custom app drawer will surely be useful. 

For individuals who wish the windshield wiper settings from the main screen to be restored. You may immediately access these settings by tapping the windshield wiper button on the left stock. The settings will show exactly where they were before on the main menu. 

Swipe left on the cabin temperature to see a smaller menu with options for heated seats and window defrosting. 

For those of you who find that the music app takes up a lot of screen space when playing music, there is a fix available. Simply press the button that looks like three lines making a triangle to eliminate the extra bar. You may then slide down to just view the current video or conceal it entirely. 

I’d also want to note that if you choose to use that feature, you can pretty much do whatever you need to do using voice commands, which may make things easier. However, certain critical instructions, such as checking tire pressure, are now inoperable. I believe that much more will be included in the coming editions. 

V11 Improvements 

Despite the fact that I’m still a bit annoyed with some of the settings, there are numerous features of the UI that I like. 

I like the new controls page, which has large icons instead of lists, bolder and more current writing type, and separate temperature settings for the driver and passenger. 

Final Thoughts 

Given the number of online complaints, I believe Tesla does an excellent job of listening to its customers, and these issues will be addressed in a future update. 

We’d love to have quick access to the controls for the glove box, seat warmers, driver profiles, and driving modes. I recognize that I am just a temporary outlet. However, if somebody from Tesla is reading this, please let us know. 

If you’re willing to be patient and adjust for the time being, I think the update will be straightforward to adapt to. Fortunately, new Tesla buyers will have no issues. 

What are your thoughts on Version 11? Do you like or dislike the most recent update? Please express your thoughts in the comments area.

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