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Will China’s New Tesla Referral Program Set Up?

Treasure Box is the moniker given to Tesla’s brand-new referral programme that was recently introduced in the Chinese market. This situation has arisen as a consequence of the Loot Box programme being terminated in the year 2021, despite the fact that it was extremely popular.

Those Tesla customers who tell their friends about the company’s goods are now eligible to receive an entry into the Treasure Box and earn additional incentives. Consumers now have the opportunity to win incentives simply by recommending Tesla items to their friends. This latest turn of events took place only a few days after an upgrade to the Tesla app became available. In that update, indications were thrown about the launch of a new referral network.

If you bring Tesla a new customer, both you and the person you referred to could be eligible to win 3,500 credits. In addition, Tesla provides its existing customers with 7,000 points as part of the loyalty programme that it offers to its customers. 

These credits can be applied towards the purchase of an additional Tesla vehicle if the consumer chooses to do so. A lot of individuals in China have taken still and moving pictures of the Treasure Box and submitted them to Twitter. Together, these two types of content make up a large amount of the total.

You could, for instance, use referral points to buy a My First Tesla Model Y toy car for your child or Cyber Rodeo t-shirts and socks, all of which have a price tag of 1,900 credits individually. Instead, you could use referral points to acquire a Cyber Rodeo membership (6,000 credits).

In addition, there are annual referral competitions with far more valuable prizes that can be entered to win. The credits can be put towards the purchase of supercharger miles. You have the opportunity to receive a Model 3/Y RWD for the duration of an entire year, full autonomy while driving for a period of two years, or a VIP tour of Giga Shanghai.

Treasure Box was introduced by Tesla just a few days after the company began offering discounts to customers who purchased business insurance and just a few days before the company lowered its rates.

 In other words, Tesla introduced Treasure Box just a few days after it began offering discounts to customers who purchased business insurance. Treasure Box, another product offered by Tesla, was launched just a few days before the company began giving customers who purchased business insurance discounts on their premiums. 

Because China is now the greatest market for electric vehicles, Tesla is exerting a lot of effort to catch up to industry heavyweights like BYD Motor and SAIC-GM-Wuling. This is because China is now the most populous country in the world. This is due to the fact that China now holds the position of being the largest market for electric vehicles.

The most current revision of Tesla’s mobile app includes a note that there may be an option for users located in North America to join a referral network in the future. iOS from Apple uncovered this particular bit of code, which is as follows: 

The following is a list of questions followed by their corresponding answers, which, when viewed as a whole, may assist in shedding some light on the situation: If there are any text references that you require, please refer to the share sheet.

 If you make use of the referral link that I have provided for you, you will be given the opportunity to earn free credits that can be put towards the purchase of rewards such as free Supercharging miles, Tesla products, and accessories. If you do this, you will also have the chance to earn free credits.

Elon Musk expresses his gratitude to members of the service by providing them with thank-you cash cards as a gesture of his appreciation for joining the programme. In addition, users have the option to earn additional cards for the organisation just by bringing in new clients for the business. 

As a direct result of putting this strategy into effect, Tesla was able to give away approximately eighty Roadsters that had not yet been produced as part of their referral programme. 

It’s been more than a year since the company decided to pull the plug on the programme altogether, and it feels like an eternity. On the other hand, if China’s Treasure Box is any indication, the programme will be brought back, but with fewer and less valuable prizes than before.

You can rely on us to keep you updated with any new information regarding Tesla’s referral programme as soon as such information is made available to the public. Keep reading until you have finished the book in its entirety!

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