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A list of essential Tesla accessories for owners

Tesla vehicles are one-of-a-kind vehicles with a high level of innovation and functionality. Aftermarket modifications to your Tesla may improve its operation, cosmetics, and performance. Here is our list of the top ten Tesla accessories that every owner should have. 

Tesla Screen Protector 

In contrast to the numerous physical buttons found on typical automobiles, one of your Tesla’s most distinguishing features is its simple appearance. The majority of Teslas have digital controls available through a 15-inch infotainment screen that tries to be as inconspicuous as possible without sacrificing usefulness.

 It would be difficult to use your Tesla without this screen. Because of this, it is critical to safeguard it with a high-quality screen protector. Its anti-reflective properties will not only protect your display from harm but will also prevent fingerprint smudges and decrease sun glare. 

Tesla Floor Mats for Any Condition 

Teslas are expensive, even if they aren’t considered elegant automobiles. As a result, you should make every effort to protect your Tesla. You’ll enter and exit your vehicle multiple times over its lifetime, which means dirt, mud, and ordinary wear may quickly damage your carpet. All-Weather Floor Mats are an excellent way to maintain the carpeting in your Tesla for the remainder of its life by avoiding spills, stains, mud, grime, and general wear. 

You may cover even more regions of your Tesla by choosing All-Weather Mats for the trunk. 

Tesla Center Console Organizer 

Another perk of owning a Tesla is the number of storage options available. However, if you can’t arrange your items on the center console, they might be excessively huge and vacant. A Tesla Center Console Organizer, a sliding tray that easily slips into your center console, may provide extra storage space for your items. 

A glove box organizer, for example, allows you to further compartmentalize your Tesla by performing the same responsibilities. 

Tesla Jack Lifting Pads 

Teslas are all-electric automobiles that run on rechargeable batteries. The Tesla battery takes up the whole underbody of the vehicle, sandwiched between the front and rear axles. 

To reach underneath your Tesla, you’ll need to use a car jack, whether you want to repair your tires, check the battery, or just inspect the underbelly. To achieve this safely and correctly, you’ll need a pair of Tesla Jack Lifting Pads, which are specifically designed to lift your Tesla without damaging the battery. 

Tesla WiFi Mesh System 

Tesla vehicles are the future, and with software updates, they improve over time rather than deteriorating with each passing year. These updates may boost the functionality of your Tesla, add new features, improve performance, and resolve faults, keeping your car safer and feeling brand-new for a longer period of time.

 Despite the fact that your Tesla is linked to the internet through an LTE connection, upgrades may only be downloaded over WiFi. To get automatic updates, your car must be connected to a stable WiFi connection. However, since the vast majority of vehicles are parked in driveways or garages, you may be unable to get the necessary connection. 

In this case, a mesh WiFi system may be beneficial. This technology may enhance your WiFi connections by ensuring that it reaches every room in your house by strategically deploying various nodes in areas of your property where a conventional connection would often be difficult. to guarantee that while parked, an uninterrupted Internet connection. 

Tesla Mud Flaps

A set of Mud Flaps is one of the best purchases you can make in terms of protecting the paint on your Tesla. Mud Flaps are an excellent method to protect your Tesla’s paint from chipping caused by mud, dirt, and other road debris. 

In addition to preserving your paint, it will keep your automobile appearing cleaner after a wash for a longer period of time. Mud flaps may offer your automobile a sportier, more appealing look in addition to providing protection. This is a very important Tesla accessory! 

303 UV-protective spray 

If you want to maintain your Tesla looking clean and fresh, you’ll need an exceptional interior fabric cleaner and protectant. The UV Protectant Spray by 303 is an excellent choice for your Tesla since it provides the finest sun protection while also repelling filth, dust, and fading.

 It may be applied to a variety of surfaces, including vinyl, plastic, synthetic rubber, and natural rubber, and it has a smooth, matte finish that leaves no sticky or greasy residue. This is the ideal option if you want to keep your Tesla looking brand new and sparkling for a longer period of time! 

Tesla phone holder

Because the Tesla infotainment system does not support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it is not feasible to install entertainment applications like Apple Music and Pandora, as well as important driving apps like Waze and Google Maps. This encourages Tesla drivers to continuously use their phones. 

Because the interior is so basic, there are no air vents or ways to attach your standard phone holder. The Tesla Phone Attach allows you to mount your phone to the concealed air vent in your Tesla without interfering with the vehicle’s sleek design or visibility. This is one of the most sought-after Tesla accessories. 

Samsung’s SSD T7 

The Tesla is one of the safest cars on the road, thanks to technologies like Sentry Mode, which employs seven exterior cameras to capture information for your Tesla’s infotainment system. These videos are neatly saved on a USB flash drive and may be viewed at a later date. 

Unfortunately, your Tesla does not come with this USB flash drive, and even if it did, the disk’s speed may cause films to load slowly. In addition to increasing playing speeds and providing quicker access to your data, installing an SSD expands your storage capacity. This critical component must be installed the day you get your Tesla. 

Portable tire inflator kit 

Your Tesla, unlike the majority of new automobiles, does not come with a spare tire. Instead, Tesla provides a set of four “Run Flat” tires, each packed with a special gel that can repair punctured tires. In rare cases, the gel may not be sufficient to cover major occurrences.

 A portable tire inflator kit might be quite useful to have on hand. In addition to an air inflator powered by your Tesla’s 12-volt battery, the kit includes a long nose plier, slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, tire rasp tool, insertion tool, utility knife, rubber cement, and three plug strips. Don’t forget to pack this necessary Tesla accessory. 

We hope you liked reading this list of must-have Tesla accessories

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